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June 29, 2018

Jerry Kelly

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. How does it feel?
JERRY KELLY: You know, I'm fairly disappointed. That front side, you know, two par-5s, I was right there thinking eagle. Next thing you know I'm making pars and 2-, 3-putts out there as well. And I'm encouraged about the way I hit it again, solid. I hit a lot of good putts. Even though the ones that didn't go in were good putts. Maybe a little too firm sometimes. But that's not usually my MO. So I kind of like where I'm at.

Q. You got 18 back, too?
JERRY KELLY: Got 18 back.

Q. But you got it?

Q. Talk about that third shot.
JERRY KELLY: I mean, that was just dig it out of that lie and hope it came out the right speed. And it came out just perfect. Right on the line, right on the speed, and just watched it roll in. It was nice.

Q. What's hard -- I can tell you're a little bit -- you know you could have scored it a little better. Is that a tougher day or a day where you just don't have your swing?
JERRY KELLY: I mean, it's a lot tougher when you don't have anything. I mean, disappointed and encouraged. That's the combination you can live with. But when you lost, you lost.

Q. When I talked to you last year at the championship you were working on some swing changes. Is it safe to say based on the results we've seen you have, leading into this, and the wind and so forth, that you're comfortable with what you're doing?
JERRY KELLY: I actually lost all those swing chances that I got in Seattle. I found them again in Hawaii. And then after Hawaii, it was just gone again. And really not until this week that I got it back. Even last week I wasn't hitting it very good. So this is the best I've hit it since those first tournaments with this swing.

Q. You're managing your game pretty well given that you're also still in the hunt; you've got some top 10s. It's not bad.
JERRY KELLY: I'm playing the game really well. Be.

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