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June 29, 2018

Philip Golding

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. Can you talk about your day?
PHILIP GOLDING: Good day. 67 around that course. Anything under par is always good. Yesterday was a struggle. But I managed to get around in 2-over, as you know. And the weather this morning wasn't so gusty. It wasn't as windy. And my short game was in good form.

So not hitting the ball particularly well, but my short game and putting was good. I think I made four birdies and one bogey. Is that right? Yeah.

Q. Any good par saves today?
PHILIP GOLDING: Yes, I did. I did. Don't ask me where. But, yeah, I did. I can't remember, to be honest. I held out well from four to six feet. It was good. Very happy. Tough course. Beautiful conditions. It's lovely out there. Very good course.

Q. After playing the course a few times, is there any specific hole you walk up to and go "not this again"?
PHILIP GOLDING: I think every hole is like that, to be honest. Especially yesterday playing the fourth hole with the wind that was really difficult for such a short hole, par-3. Hit middle green, 2-putt, get on the next hole. Every hole you can't -- you have to concentrate on every hole out there. It's a difficult course. That's what U.S. Opens do and that U.S. Senior Opens do, too.

The rough is penal. The greens are great. You've got to make sure you keep it under the hole. So I managed to do that several times. And I managed to make the putter work. So that was good. Really happy.

Q. Did you feel like after your round yesterday that the round you had today was possible, did you feel like you made enough shots yesterday?
PHILIP GOLDING: Not before I played -- on the range I wasn't hitting the ball particularly well. I was struggling a bit. I managed to get it on the fairway and got the putts early on. Couple of good 2-putts early on as well. But obviously yesterday afternoon was difficult with that wind. The back nine was -- at least the wind was more constant. In the first, seven holes it was all over the place.

So early on today there was a score out there to be had. There wasn't much win at all. One or two accessible pins and the last four or five holes got a bit more gusty again. I'm not sure what the forecast is for later today. But, yeah, that's it really. So happy.

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