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June 29, 2018

Tim Petrovic

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. Pretty big move today. What was the biggest difference for you out there today?
TIM PETROVIC: For me, I just needed to drive the ball a little better. I didn't really drive it very good yesterday. So I was hitting out of the rough about half the time. And I had a lot of long putts.

And on these greens, you just can't be out there trying to 2-putt from 50 feet every other hole; it's going to lead to not a good round.

So I drove it a lot better today. And I told my caddie just to -- just took me making like one putt. I just need one 15-footer or something to go in. And once I made one of those -- I had a short birdie on the front, I think, on 2, 3. I missed a short one on 1. But I made a couple long ones like 15, 20, and then I was kind of off and running.

Q. And you turned holes 2 and 3, I believe you bogeyed those yesterday and you birdied those today, if I'm not mistaken.
TIM PETROVIC: I parred 2 yesterday. 3 I played well again. I birdied it both days. Yesterday I just hit a bad tee shot on 7, left, and got just in a really bad spot and put it into a worse spot and then ended up making double bogey.

That kind of took the wind out of my sails yesterday. I tried to play the last five or six coming in, because on the back there's no par-5s on the back. So there's no makeup holes, so to speak. So I told myself, if I could play the last five holes 1-under, just get in the house 2-over and kind of cut my losses yesterday and regroup today.

Q. What's that feel like when you get on that birdie roll, is it like a basketball player where he thinks every shot's going in?
TIM PETROVIC: Yeah, it's just -- for me, it's not -- it's tempo in my swing but tempo in everything. You are not backing off a lot of shots. You're not questioning yardages, clubs, every club seems to be the right number. Clubbing here is a little tricky because of the altitude. There's a lot of different options. You can hoist the ball up in the air and try to hit a shorter club. You can hit a normal club and hit it a little flatter.

But the greens are soft enough, I think. So I think that's allowing us to have more birdie opportunities nearer to the hole. If the greens were really firm, it would be a lot more difficult for sure.

Q. Was there anything that surprised you about this championship so far since it is your first time playing in it?
TIM PETROVIC: No, just -- well, the surprise today was we were walking down number 3, and I looked over at 4 and the pin was there. And I said is that pin on the green? I mean, they had it on the back right fringe.

I made a comment to my caddie, I said I think it was dark when they cut that pin. He didn't quite know where he was going there. It was not a good pin. That was probably the only one I kind of scratched my head and questioned. No, the setup is fair. The rough is, I guess the way to say it is it's healthy. It could be longer, it's growing, it's healthy, but it's long enough and sticky enough where you're going to have to catch a good lie to get the ball up on the green.

Q. After playing two rounds which hole is your least favorite would you say?
TIM PETROVIC: Least favorite? Toughest? It's funny, I think that 4th hole, that little 4th hole, the green looks really big, but with the green being soft you hit it and it's spinning back, the green is only about half the the size. And then when you put the pin on the back fringe -- I played 30 feet left of the pin, ended up having a 45-, 50-footer, because it spun back. And you could putt it off the green there just from where the hole is. And I got lucky and I got good pace on it and knocked it three feet and was able to hole it. But I think that might be one of the toughest holes today, for sure.

Q. So you think going forward if they I change the pin location you won't walk up and be like, oh, geez, not this one again?
TIM PETROVIC: No, we got that one out of the way, I'm glad that one's done. They can't put it there again.

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