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June 29, 2018

Davis Love, III

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. Can you sum up the day for us?
DAVIS LOVE, III: It wasn't quite as windy as yesterday, so it played a little easier, obviously this morning. Again I hit a lot of good shots, but hit some bad ones that cost me. Missed a few greens and a few fairways, but all in all good position for the weekend.

Q. You have to be really excited not to have a bogey though the whole way around.
DAVIS LOVE, III: I didn't bogey 18, which was good, after hitting it in the rough. That was my ninth par in a row. So that was a good one. A little frustrating before that, that I was hitting the ball really well and -- if you're hitting it -- I said it a couple days ago in the media room -- you hit it in the fairways, you can score. I keep missing one here and there that makes it tough. But made a great up-and-down from the bunker at 18 today, out of the rough with a wedge yesterday. So I'm saving a few, but I'm also giving a few away here and there. I had 6-iron into 9, my last hole today and made par. So -- but it's the altitude, you're guessing sometimes, the wind started gusting our last couple holes. Yesterday you were guessing a lot, so it was hard to get it close to the hole, even if you were in the fairway. But again, all in all, hit a lot of great shots. Last week I was very rusty, I seem to be getting better this week, so looking forward to the weekend.

Q. Starting on the back nine today, did that do anything for you? Did you like starting there and kind of righting some of those wrongs from yesterday?
DAVIS LOVE, III: We did the practice rounds the way the USGA set it up. We did one start on 10 and one start on 1. So we knew what we were doing, what we were in for. If the wind's blowing it's probably harder to start on some of those holes coming out. 10, 11, 12, they're tough. But, no, it doesn't make much difference. It was nice to start early. It didn't matter what hole.

Q. What do you want to do better for the weekend?
DAVIS LOVE, III: I would like to hit every fairway and every green. They're wide enough that if you hit good shots they should go in the fairway. They're soft enough that if you hit it in the fairway it will stay in the fairway. I would like to swing a little smoother. I'm still a little jumpy, get a little quick every once in awhile. I hit some really, really good ones and then once in a while I'll hit one that's really bad, a little tight.

Q. Lack of reps as they say?
DAVIS LOVE, III: Yeah, I had four or five weeks off and it's a little bit of anxiousness. USGA, when you put USGA in front of an event, the nerves go up a little bit. When it's U.S. Open rough, the nerves go up a little bit. And there's some tricky putts. If you get it above the hole it's fast and you're being careful. There's a lot of marking from a foot and a half where usually we just pop them in. And so it's, you have to be a little bit more aware of what you're doing, which sometimes you get careful rather than methodical and I think I got careful a little too much out there today.

Q. Does 17 mean anything on the scorecard when it's the longest par-4 in this championship? I mean it's 540 or 545.
DAVIS LOVE, III: I tried to convince myself -- I made bogey yesterday -- oh, it's really a par-5. But I hit 6-iron in both days. And it's a pretty big green. But I think the tee shot's what makes you nervous. You hit a good tee shot -- my ball doesn't roll as far as David Toms, so we both had been down there pretty far. And if you're in the fairway, it doesn't look that bad. I had a 15-footer for birdie today. But if you hit it in the rough it's hard to get anywhere near the green in two, so...

Q. It's not that big of a deal the length of it?
DAVIS LOVE, III: It is. Essentially, it's an easy par-5.

Q. This is your first Senior Open, you played two rounds now. What's different, what's not different about playing in this championship as opposed to some of the other USGA championships you played in?
DAVIS LOVE, III: Well, the U.S. Open obviously would be a little narrower fairways, maybe, given the course. Erin Hills was pretty wide. But, you know, set up great, run like a national championship, and very similar. Obviously, at our age, a little shorter, so that's nice. We had, number 8 was a 50 degree wedge today. I don't think the young guys would play it that short. All the way back up to the back tee. But it's been set up very fair. You're going to have to have some that are on slopes and to protect the golf course a little bit, but that's what -- a lot of these Donald Ross holes you better have the pin between you and the mountain is a tip I got from a smart caddie the other day. Not mine.

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