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June 28, 2018

Cameron Norrie

Eastbourne, England

L. LACKO/C. Norrie

6-3, 6-4

Q. (Question about the opponent.)
CAMERON NORRIE: Yeah, I think he quite likes that, and he's just a very experienced player on the grass. I know he's made a couple of I think third round of Wimbledon twice, so he can obviously play on the grass.

But, no, I mean, I was happy with my attitude and the way I performed out there and dealt with everything. I'm feeling good leading into Wimbledon.

Q. You look like you're playing well and enjoying playing on the grass.
CAMERON NORRIE: Yeah. For sure, I think the grass is not the most natural surface for me, but I think it's a good challenge and I like a challenge. And I think I can play well, and I think I'm going to be beat over five sets in Wimbledon if I have a good attitude and play every point and compete as hard as I can.

But, no, I'm very happy with the way I played this week and ready for Wimbledon.

Q. You had your first Wimbledon experience, a first-round exit, but what does that mean for this year? Because you got that out of the way and now you can obviously progress. What's your mindset going into Wimbledon?
CAMERON NORRIE: Yeah, for sure, last year Tsonga just got me off the court quickly. Served pretty well.

But, no, I have no real expectations, but I just want to compete a little bit better. Last year I kind of went away a little bit mentally. So nice to play every point and go at every point. Not really too worried who I'm playing but just play my game and really just keep enjoying my tennis.

When you're enjoying yourself and you're happy, you're going to play your best tennis. So that's really my main goal for Wimbledon.

Q. Was there any point during this week when the four Brits, when Edmund, Clarke, Murray and yourself were together, were there any points?
CAMERON NORRIE: What do you mean?

Q. As in just in the players area or...
CAMERON NORRIE: No, I mean, I have seen them around a little bit and spoken to them.

Q. It just feels like it was a bit of a different feeling here having all four of you here.
CAMERON NORRIE: It's great for British tennis just to have us four in second round and just have Brits in the main draw. It's great for British tennis, and especially to have Andy back. And hopefully he's okay for Wimbledon. Just to have him back, he's such a big idol for British tennis and young up-and-coming juniors like myself and Jay.

So it's going to be -- it's perfect British tennis, and I think it's in good hands. I think we've got -- I think I saw some tweet the other day, it was like 13 or 14 Brits in Wimbledon. It's like a record for the last 10 years or something. So that's perfect to see. I think we all have a decent shot at going deep in the tourney.

Q. It wasn't a changing of the guards, I suppose, Edmund beating Murray, because obviously Murray is coming back from injury, but it did seem like a significant moment for British tennis, do you think?
CAMERON NORRIE: I actually didn't see any of the match. But, yeah, just to see Kyle step up and beat Andy like that, he's obviously playing great. I didn't really see the match at all, so I can't comment on Andy or anything.

But, no, yeah, it's a big maybe a turning point, maybe taking over a little bit, but on my end it's good to see, but I'd like to see Andy around for a couple more years if not more than that.

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