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June 28, 2018

Miguel Angel Jimenez

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. Talk a little bit about the course management that you had to go into today, putting and keeping it out of --
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: Yeah, it's noticeable because this afternoon we had gusting winds, some is strong wind, some is from the west, some from the southeast and it's hard to choose the right club. I should have hit a couple of shots there went through the back, when I figured strong wind, and that's what happened today, no? And it's tough today with the gusting winds this afternoon.

Q. Were you pleased with your finish?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: Okay. The golf course is there. And you see the course is tough. Even this morning when the conditions was amazing.

The guy I played with is 4-under. It's tough, it's good. You finish under par, it's good, more under par more good. I say that, especially this golf course you say that. You can't miss a fairway because you have a rough to control from there. And then all of a sudden you go over there, over the hole, you have a putt that is not easy to play.

Q. On the second hole?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: The second hole was nice. The second hole is, hit it at the shoulder with a 5-wood. And then I hit the sandwedge. I saw Jerry hit before me and he hit like it three meter beside the hole, with the slope there and came in and he made 2. And I told my caddie, that's the point, three meters on the right side of the hole and that's it, perfect. Same spot almost, my ball went into the hole. Nice.

Q. Tell us about the energy of playing with one of the top contenders today.
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: It's nice. When you have someone that you say is playing good also, that's nice, because the game is there, it's nice. You want the guys around playing good, much better for everything, no? Everything is much nice. If someone you're playing with is not playing good or the crowd, it's not nice, not good for anybody. I think it's nice.

It's nice hitting the fairway. No lucky there to make a score, but he's playing good, too. But this golf course is tough.

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