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June 28, 2018

Tim Hogarth

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. Good playing.
TIM HOGARTH: Thank you.

Q. Kind of a crazy round. Lots of birdies, lots of bogeys.
TIM HOGARTH: Yeah, I got a lot out of it. I hit a few balls very stiff and you need those birdies because you're going to make bogeys. So I felt in one instance maybe I should have had more but I'm really happy with the round.

Q. Last year it was your first U.S. Senior Open, you weren't very happy with how that went. This is going a lot better.
TIM HOGARTH: Well, I think that as an amateur, you get one chance. Here you are. You've qualified. This is your one shot. You're going to go back to work next week. And it's very difficult to perform at a high level when you get one chance. So last year I thought I played well. Just wasn't good enough. Today was much better. But it didn't feel that much different. I just got more out of it. So I'm really happy.

Q. Your experience overall in USGA championships too, (No Microphone.) That probably plays into it, too, don't you think?
TIM HOGARTH: Well, I think that starting to get a little smarter. In the past, if I was struggling, I would get down on myself. And today was more of a way, let's just find a way because I think I can play well if I'm hitting it well, but what are you going to shoot if you're not hitting it well?

You could go out and shoot 78 or you could battle and shoot a score. And so I'm way more proud of 70 today with the way I struck the ball than many of the 65s I've shot in the past.

Q. So you didn't feel like you hit it that great?
TIM HOGARTH: I didn't. I haven't hit it well since I've been here, but I was on the range at 7:30 this morning. And after the morning wave went, I was still there. I was the only one there. And I was going to find a way to play, one way or another. It might not last tomorrow, I don't know, but today I battled hard.

Q. You got off to a great start, had a run of bogeys. Was there a particular shot that got you back going forward?
TIM HOGARTH: What a dream start on the back nine to make two birdies. You couldn't have asked any better. Then I drove it in the rough a few times. And it's just you're going to make bogey every time. I'm not Brooks Koepka. I can't rip it out of the rough like that.

17, I hit another poor shot. It's a very hard hole, but I ended up chipping it up the hill to about two feet and saved my par. And that was, that was big, because that was going to be four bogeys in a row. And after being 2-under to make the turn a couple over would have been like, geez, what a waste. So that was a big one.

Q. Was that a goal of yours coming in to make the cut or do you want more?
TIM HOGARTH: People have asked me that. And I would just like to come and play like Tim Hogarth. I played in a lot of USGA events, I've had some success and I've had a lot of terrible events. And I get very agitated at these events, they're very important to me and I don't perform that well very often. So I would love to come and just play like myself and have the chips fall where they do.

Q. Is there something about playing in a national championship that gets you going?
TIM HOGARTH: Well I think there's only certain -- I mean, once again, as a working person -- there's a certain amount of events that you circle that are important. I mean, Southern California has great events, but they're not USGA events. And having won one of them and got to the finals in another, I know how important they are. And being a USGA champion is something special and I'm very proud of that. So I do try harder. Probably too hard. I knew on the last green that I could shoot 2-under and what do I do when I try harder? I rip it by and I 3-putt and I shoot even. So it's just, it's a fine balance of not trying super hard and letting it kind of happen, but still when you care, how do you do that? So I'm trying.

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