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June 28, 2018

Chris Johnson

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. Talk about how much advantage a Colorado guy has here?
CHRIS JOHNSON: Huge advantage. Two reasons. You've got no calculations to make. This is where you play every day. You're hitting these golf clubs nine months out of the year at this altitude. So for you, for me, it's as easy as being able to pick a yardage and check your conditions, you know, course conditions and, of course, wind and things like that. But that's number one.

And then I think the huge other advantage is knowing where good spots are on this golf course and knowing where bad spots are for sure.

And for the most part today I kept the ball out of the bad spots. I made one mistake on 15 and wish I had it back. And it cost me a double bogey. But outside of that I felt like I managed my game pretty well and made some putts and being able to know the greens here from the standpoint that we're on the side of a mountain really helps for sure.

Q. Will Rogers statue comes into play?
CHRIS JOHNSON: It does, virtually on every putt. Whether it's breaking or running away from it or into it, it influences everything on the golf course.

Q. What's your best guesstimate how much you've played this course?
CHRIS JOHNSON: I've lived in Colorado now since the late '80s and I bet I've been down here 25 times roughly over those years, including probably the four or five rounds, six rounds leading up to today for sure.

Q. Knowing it that well, the conversation from the guys who have been kind of newbies at the Broadmoor, is it putting it in the fairway or is it finding the right spot on the green that's more going to lead to scores?
CHRIS JOHNSON: If you don't put it in the fairway you can't find the right spots on the green, that's for sure. And you're not going to put it in every fairway. It's tight.

But you just have to -- when you make that mistake, you have to accept it and try to put yourself in a position where you can, you know, get up-and-down for par, whether it's from 40 yards or 80 yards, you have to be able to do that. But what I'll tell you is that you can play five, six, seven, eight rounds of golf here and think you know you've found every bad spot on this golf course and you haven't.

Q. What are you thinking of tomorrow, what are your thoughts going into the second day?
CHRIS JOHNSON: I've been playing solid golf for a few months now. I felt like -- I feel like it's always an advantage to go afternoon/morning because you're out there in the afternoon your first round, you might be getting some jitters out and your expectations aren't necessarily to have a great round in the afternoon.

But if you do put one together, and then you get to come out the next morning, things are a little softer, things are going to play in your favor.

My expectations are to go out and play a really good round of golf tomorrow without a doubt. I'm striking it well enough. I'm putting it well enough.

That's not going to change.

Q. Did you see a 5-under coming today?
CHRIS JOHNSON: No, but then again I don't play every week with all these guys. And you look at a Fred Couples and, heck, I played a practice round with Brant Jobe and he's hitting 3-wood 30 yards past most guys drivers and he threw up 29 in a front nine in a practice round and I'm thinking to myself, man, I didn't see that number. But today you could see it firming up, you could see the fairways firming up, the greens firming up, you just had to strike it perfect to shoot that. That wasn't a number I saw for sure.

Q. How was your following?
CHRIS JOHNSON: It was great. I live in Castle Rock, which is 35, 40 minutes away. And so I have a ton of family, friends, I've been in the golf industry here for 30 years. So I think they came out in droves today and I was a little surprised, honestly, but it was awesome.

Q. Are you commuting? Are you staying here?
CHRIS JOHNSON: I've been commuting, staying in my own bed. I think that's been an advantage. Tonight I'll probably get a room here, just because I've got that very first time off in the morning. So I'll probably lay low here tonight.

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