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June 28, 2018

Stacy Lewis

Kildeer, Illinois

Q. Can you talk about the conditions today, and how are you feeling?
STACY LEWIS: Conditions were pretty good. I had some mud on the golf ball early. It was still pretty wet early. But I'd say the last five or six holes, it dried out pretty good. You know, I like the heat. Today wasn't too bad for me. Just used to it being in Texas. I know tomorrow is going to be a lot worse, so just try to prepare for that.

Q. Do you like your position on the board?
STACY LEWIS: Yeah. I mean, I finished well, but I'm still kind of frustrated with the day. I felt like going into today, I was playing a lot better than especially the way I started. Kind of frustrated with the start but happy with the finish. Glad that Jess and Charley didn't go too far away. Early on, I thought they were going to shoot 7- or 8-under, just the way they were playing. Hopefully the lead doesn't get too far away.

Q. Knowing that you're just going to have two events left besides this one, how does that affect your mentality?
STACY LEWIS: It doesn't really change things. I'm looking forward to the break. As I've said, things are getting a little harder and the energy level is getting a little bit tougher, so I have to manage things better. But I'm looking forward to the break. I'll be ready for it, I think, here coming in a couple weeks.

Q. Are you hitting the ball as far as usual?
STACY LEWIS: Not off the tee. I would say irons are still going the same distance, but I've definitely lost a little bit off the tee. I think I was a little bit frustrated with that at the start with how far Charley and Jess were by me and kind of let that get to me, but I started just playing the golf course the way I needed to play it and played a lot better there on the back nine.

Q. How many yards?
STACY LEWIS: Oh, they were 40, 50 by me at times. Oh, how many yards have I lost?

Q. Yeah.
STACY LEWIS: I don't know, it's hard to say. We haven't gotten roll in a few weeks. It's just -- I don't know, I can just tell there's not as much speed there with the driver.

Q. Jessica said she loved the setup and she'd like to see more like this. She was talking about for the long hitters -- what's your sense of how courses are generally set up and how this one is set up?
STACY LEWIS: I thought the setup is great. The only thing I'd like to see it firm and fast. We haven't played a golf course firm and fast in a really long time, and that's why -- and I think that's why the long hitters love it. It takes those run-outs through the fairways, takes that out of it, and you look at this golf course, there's a lot of doglegs and bunkering that if it was firm and fast, it would be a lot harder for those long hitters. I think if it was firmer, it would level the playing field a little bit more.

Q. Are the courses long enough week to week would you say?
STACY LEWIS: Absolutely, I think they're long enough. These girls carry it so far now, it's just crazy. But you can do things with hole locations and rough to make them hard enough. I just don't think you need to keep adding length to something to make it hard. I think this golf course in setup is a perfect example. The U.S. Open was too long, I thought, and this one they did a really good job with not getting a lot of roll, of keeping the setup reasonable where you still have the right clubs in your hand into the greens.

Q. There's a lot of young girls out there watching you guys; how rewarding is it to get that experience at that young an age and learn?
STACY LEWIS: Well, I think it's important to have little girls come out and watch, come see us play. That's the future of our game, and they need to see what this big stage is like and hopefully aspire to be here and have goals and have aspirations to be in our shoes.

Q. I have a Jess Korda question. What's the biggest change that you've seen in her golf game in the past year?
STACY LEWIS: I think her putting honestly. I think she's always been a pretty good ball striker and hit it far enough, but I just think her short game and her putting has been a lot better. She made a lot of really good putts today, and when she hit it close, she made the putts and things like that. She seems just a little bit -- kind of more calmer, little bit more grown up and knows what to expect a little bit more, and just pretty settled in with her game.

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