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June 28, 2018

Stan Souza

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. Let's talk about the highlights. Obviously number 4. So give us the rundown of the hole-in-one.
STAN SOUZA: That was amazing. Steve in front of me hit a hard 8-iron and I thought his shot was perfect. I didn't -- I didn't know that it went over the green. And so my son is saying, dad, the last thing you want to do is hit it over the green. I said, okay, I'm going to hit a little soft 7-iron. And hit it, it was right at the flag, I didn't see it go in, but I heard the crowd go wild and I looked back and my son said, it went in. I said, you got to be kidding me.

Q. Fantastic. So your son is caddieing for you this week. That's got to be special.
STAN SOUZA: It really is. So it's the first Major that he's seen dad play in. I played in the Masters, but he wasn't born then.

Q. And how many hole-in-ones have you had in your lifetime?
STAN SOUZA: This is number eight.

Q. Number 8. Okay.
STAN SOUZA: So the most important one, the most prestigious one. But, yeah thank you so much. It was quite a thrill.

Q. Fantastic. Any other thoughts or comments about the course today or how you played?
STAN SOUZA: Oh, the course just absolutely ate me alive. I think I hit only two fairways and you can't do that here. And it was rough, it was really rough. I was contemplating on taking one of those seats, because I just got off a hip surgery, a hip replacement, so it was tough walking. I was gasping for air.

Q. Well, you add altitude to the equation and you certainly, it makes it interesting.
STAN SOUZA: It was rough, it was rough, but what a thrill.

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