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June 28, 2018

Doug Rohrbaugh

Colorado Springs, Colorado

DOUG ROHRBAUGH: They had some really good pins, they didn't make it easy, as you can see nobody's going low, I think that's because of the pin placements, they're tucked pretty good. And that's the way I played the front nine, I didn't go at the pin.

Q. With the wind and the rough, how difficult is it out there?
DOUG ROHRBAUGH: Well the wind's gusting. It will come up and it will blow really hard and if you happen to be hitting a shot at that time, it's difficult. And then it disappears. So I think it's timing, where you are on the course, what shot you're hitting. I did not get any breaks in the rough today. I've had few days where I had decent lies, but today I paid for it.

Q. You said you weren't nervous today, but was there a different feel just because these rounds did start?
DOUG ROHRBAUGH: Well, I would be lying if I didn't say it didn't feel a little bit different. It's funny, I was looking forward to being the first one off and I was -- I got a little emotional, I'll be honest -- my parents were here. But I gathered myself, I put it in the first cut and knocked it on, made a par. And I birdied the second hole and I was feeling good. That was, it was over. It just was from 8 on. It was just like it was a Jekyll and Hyde round for me. So, frustrating.

Q. You talked about the pin placements. I know a lot of the golfers this week are already talking about how difficult these greens are and to manage. Do you think they're going to be in for a long day as well?
DOUG ROHRBAUGH: They're going to get firmer as the day goes on, so getting close to some of those pins is going to be tough. If you're one of the long hitters like Kendal that I played with today, he, gosh, does he hit it far. So if you can put those drives in play and have wedges, you could go at some of those pins. But that wasn't the case for me, so I just played away from them. Like I said, it worked for seven holes. But, yeah, there's some good pins out there. If you're not inside 150, I don't see really attacking this, because they're only going to get firmer. And if it doesn't hold, you're going to miss the green and short side yourself.

Q. Now that you have this round under your belt, what's the mindset going into tomorrow?
DOUG ROHRBAUGH: I don't know. A lot of times you want to say, okay, I got to go low, attack, but the golf course just isn't going to give that. If I could get out there and shoot 1- or 2-under tomorrow, I would be happy. I think the scores so far say that that's pretty good. I don't think anybody's better than 2-under right now. So that -- and I know some guys played practice rounds, played some really good rounds, the pins and the firmness of the greens shows how the course has changed. And it's only going to get harder. That's typical.

Q. What would you say the key to reading greens at The Broadmoor is?
DOUG ROHRBAUGH: You just have to believe that everything breaks from the monument. I didn't have any problem necessarily reading the greens, I played them enough. I would say that the guys I played with, you could tell they were getting frustrated, I could hear some of the breaks they were reading and I'm looking at myself and going, that's not right. There's definitely an advantage to have played here a few times and just you got to trust it and believe.

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