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June 28, 2018

Kenny Perry

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. Would you say you battled pretty well today?
KENNY PERRY: Yeah, drove it beautifully. Missed two fairways. 3-putted three times for par. Have to work on the putting, but all in all a good start, 71.

Q. Talking about putting difficulty, these greens are difficult though.
KENNY PERRY: Two-footers are not gimmies.

Q. What's the key?
KENNY PERRY: Short putts have a lot of break. It's hard, when you're used to banging them in the hole, now you gotta kind of lay them out the, outside of the hole and let them ease in the hole, because if you don't make it it's going to go four foot by.

They're very fast. They're in great shape. They're smooth. I didn't see them bumping or nothing. It's just a lot of slope. Gotta play that mountain effect.

Q. Did you figure out the shrine thing, too?
KENNY PERRY: I'm trying. Most of the time it works. 95 percent of the time it works. So it's pretty good.

Q. Overall, if you didn't make much, 1-over, it's not a bad place to be, right?
KENNY PERRY: I would love to drive it. If I can drive it like this the next three days and figure the putting out it's going to be a fun week.

Q. Other than the USGA setup, is there anything at all similar from here and last year?
KENNY PERRY: Not even close. This is a lot bigger golf course. The greens are a lot more severe. They're faster. You actually had some holes last year you felt like you could breathe a little bit.

You felt like you could take a breath on this hole. Here, the greens they've got you on edge. I feel like I'm at Shinnecock again. I'm reliving that again from two weeks ago.

There's a lot of movement out there. So it's going to be interesting. I can see why only one guy broke par here back in 2008.

Q. Shinnecock was a good setup, too, wasn't it?
KENNY PERRY: I thought it was. I enjoyed it. It beat the crap out of me.

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