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June 28, 2018

Lee Janzen

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. Tell us about your round, Lee.
LEE JANZEN: Being on the Champions Tour, we have short-term memory problems. So I don't even remember playing today. No. Well, after a couple of days playing practice rounds, we all -- I think it's not very hard to figure out the course is going to be very challenging. So the strategy for the course is going to be: Be careful, be patient, put the ball in the right spot, try to keep it below the hole as much as possible.

Don't get put off by anything. And just plug away and do your best.

Q. Did you live up to that advice? Do you feel like you did that?
LEE JANZEN: I feel like I played like that most of the day. Bogey on 5 was the only fairway I missed today. So I earned that one pretty well. You miss the fairway, you're putting yourself in a very difficult spot to try and make birdie or par. Hit it on the green anyway.

I 3-putted after two good shots on 15 and it was one of those where I completely misjudged the speed of the putt. It's one of those things this golf course you need to play it a few times to get the speed of the putts. We know they all run away from the mountain, but there's still a little bit of an optical illusion to the putts. You have to hit them a few times to trust you know what you're doing.

The other bogey, it was the wind. The wind was crazy. It was blowing out of the southeast and then north and east, it was just everywhere, and I was playing 12 and the wind just switched back and forth about three or four times. And I ended up hitting a club that was too much.

If I hit the right club I would be in the middle of the green instead of over the green and had a terrible lie, didn't have chance to make par. I kept my mistakes to a minimum. And anything under par is good. I'm happy with that.

Q. How much have you been here before?
LEE JANZEN: I came a month. Rocco and I came right after our Senior PGA and we played Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning, and left. So it was really good to get a feel for all of the adjustments that you're going to have to make, especially how much the ball rolls away from the mountain, because there's a lot of greens that -- the ball does not look like it possibly could be going that direction and it does.

But after you play it a few times, you get used to it and it looks normal.

Q. Do you anticipate the differences in the greens? I know they're doing a lot of watering to keep them pretty soft. But you going out in the afternoon and stuff tomorrow, how do you anticipate the greens being different?
LEE JANZEN: Right. I expect them to be firmer tomorrow. The fairways were very soft. That probably surprised me more than the greens. We've played the International. We have a tournament in Reno. Similar situations, the high deserty altitude, where the wind can blow, and very dry. So you have to be very careful and get enough water on the golf course because it dries out a lot.

If you don't get enough water, it dries out so much that it really will be impossible. As soft as it was, it's still very challenging. So I think they've got a really good idea what they're doing right now. I would expect the course to play the same the next three days.

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