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June 28, 2018

Billy Mayfair

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. Not a lot of people scoring today. It seemed like you were able to. What did you think of your round overall?
BILLY MAYFAIR: I was very happy with it. The golf course is tough out there. I think we're all trying to learn it a little bit. And I think the altitude has a big effect on all of us, but I think biggest thing right now are the greens. It's hard to get the ball close to the hole. Even when you get it close to the hole, you've got to hit the right line and the right speed at times. And it goes back to the USGA thinking. Par is a really good score today.

Q. And as far as the greens go, that was kind of the, obviously with the shrine and everything like that, how do you feel like you adjusted to that and then also the inevitable hardening of the greens as your round went on?
BILLY MAYFAIR: They're going to get firmer and firmer I think as the week -- they'll keep water on them pretty good today and tomorrow and keep it soft. And the weather as hot as it is here and all that we can't lose them and all that. Every time you go out there you try to learn the greens a little better here and there, and get a feel for it and hopefully make some putts. But as I said, today I tried to hit a lot of fairways, hit the ball in the right spots on the green if I made birdie great, if not I made my par and got out of there.

Q. Do you feel like you left something out there? You feel like you could have shot a little better than you did?
BILLY MAYFAIR: You always do. Anytime you shoot in the red numbers at a U.S. Open you're thrilled. I knocked it, hit it over the back of the gree on 9 in 2 didn't get it up-and-down, maybe left that one out there. No, not really I hit a lot of good shots, I only missed two fairways all day, couple greens here and there. Just did what I had to do.

Q. What do you think the key is to putting at The Broadmoor, sort of its own little world.
BILLY MAYFAIR: I think we all got used to where everything breaks now towards the city and away from the bell tower, the monument, however you want to say it up there. I think the hardest thing right now is getting the right speed. You still gotta remember when you're going uphill, when you're going downhill, sidehill all that. The speed, we're all getting used to where everything breaks, it's just hitting the right speed on the greens.

Q. First birdie did that put you, relax you, put you on an even keel?
BILLY MAYFAIR: I birdied my second hole, 11 kind of got me feeling better. Making a solid four on 10. Hit it right down the middle of the fairway, hit 6-iron in there and got my 4 on 10 and got off to a good start. And you always are a little bit nervous and apprehensive at a U.S. Open and you make your first par, you get going. And it was great to see John Smoltz out there. I know he's disappointed with his round today and all that. But this is what makes the U.S. Open great. I talked to one of the guys yesterday, he was a caddie at Sherwood Country Club, caddied in my Pro-Am group during the Champions Tour event and he's playing this week and John Smoltz and all that, that's what makes the U.S. Open great.

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