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June 28, 2018

Deane Pappas

Colorado Springs, Colorado

THE MODERATOR: Deane Pappas. 2-under for today.

DEANE PAPPAS: Well, hit a lot of fairways, which is key out here.

Anytime you get in the rough, if you get a decent lie, you can maybe barely reach the greens. But if you hit it and you get a bad lie, you're playing it out short of the green or wedging up. I only had one of those.

I played real solid all day. I just made three bogeys at the turn on 10, 11, 12, and I wasn't in the rough either. So that was about the only disappointing thing of the day.

But otherwise, I got in the rough on 17, the first cut. And I was able to squeeze a 5-wood down there just off the edge of the green and chip that in. So that was a good bonus.

From here to the corner of the -- 10, 15 feet, maybe.

Q. What club did you use?
DEANE PAPPAS: Just a 9-iron, just a little chip and run.

Q. You also took advantage of the par-5s on the front.
DEANE PAPPAS: I did. I birdied both of them. And actually drove it in the rough both times and laid it up and made birdies with wedges in. Did it the hard way.

Q. How did you birdie 13?
DEANE PAPPAS: Yeah. Yeah, that was a nice one after going bogey, bogey, bogey. It got me back on track.

Q. Usually when you get a score like this you do have a chip-in or whatever. That's pretty much what you gotta do, isn't it?
DEANE PAPPAS: Yeah, you gotta have something keep the momentum going. That came late in the round so that was just a nice bonus. Like you said, on 13 was a key birdie for me to get back under par.

Q. Did you have to get yourself mentally going again after that run of bogeys?
DEANE PAPPAS: It was nice to turn it 3-under and get them right back on the first three holes. But I just told myself even par is still not a bad score, so just keep grinding it out. Gotta be real patient.

Q. Did the greens firm up a little bit as you went along, it's hot, it's --
DEANE PAPPAS: They had a little bit more bounce than they did in the practice rounds. They said they were going to try to get them a little firmer. So they've had to put some water on it just to protect the grass from this heat.

But they did firm up just a little bit.

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