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June 26, 2018

Harriet Dart

Eastbourne, England


6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Congratulations on your win yesterday. Just describe what it was like to play, move courts, play a Pliskova, the lesser Pliskova?
HARRIET DART: Yeah, no, it was definitely a great match and great to get my first WTA win in the main draw. Very happy with that. I think I covered the conditions pretty good.

Obviously she serves very big. Was more focusing on myself, and then obviously a court change happened before the third set, but then again, you know, both of us are in the same situation. So just had to deal with it and, yeah, came out well in the third set and was very happy to get the win.

Q. So what was the situation? The court was really dewey at that point?
HARRIET DART: Yeah, the court was quite slippy, so we moved to Court 1, which was in better condition than the centre court.

Q. Have you ever had that kind of thing happen?
HARRIET DART: No, first experience changing courts midmatch, so yeah (smiling).

Q. What's it like though for you? You have that last night. Then you have another major game today and then doubles. It's quite an intense not even 24 hours, really.
HARRIET DART: Yeah, definitely. Two matches today obviously didn't go my way, but definitely pleased with how my performances have been this week. Yeah, I mean, obviously the scheduling isn't ideal, but you can't really do anything. You just have to keep going forward.

And, you know, it would be a different situation, as well, to have another match tomorrow if the result had gone my way today. It's always like that in tennis. You have a quick turnaround.

Q. Where is your confidence right now on the grass?
HARRIET DART: Yeah, I have had a lot of matches, so definitely feeling good about my game and how I'm feeling on the grass, and that's what I look forward to next week going into Wimbledon.

Q. What kind of differences do you see on the grass that you had in Ilkley with a great run over there to here and this kind of field? Then obviously have you ever played the Wimbledon practice courts and main courts?
HARRIET DART: I have played at Aorangi and stuff, and sometimes during, when I played juniors, you get a couple of opportunities to hit on the main Aorangi courts, especially with the pros.

Obviously last year I played main draw doubles, so that was another really good experience, and again, I look to take that into playing singles this year, as well.

Q. And the surface at Ilkley compared to here?
HARRIET DART: Have to be careful there (smiling). I mean, the courts here are a lot better, I will say that. Yeah, I mean, obviously WTA and ITF is completely different. But I would say obviously the field here is a lot stronger, so I have to obviously play a lot better and stuff like that.

But overall, just try to get as many matches as I could with Wimbledon around the corner.

Q. Is this the most you have played on grass in this leadup?
HARRIET DART: Matches-wise, yes, I have probably played the most matches, yeah.

Q. I spoke to you at Surbiton at the start of this season, and has it worked out the way you expected it? Have you been at the tournaments you have expected? Have things changed? Have your expectations been requited or resolved? Has it been a really good summer for you so far?
HARRIET DART: You know, I always expect quite a lot from myself, so I can't exactly say I'm so, so surprised about how I have been playing and stuff. Just obviously really happy to get a lot of matches in, which was my main focus over the grass.

Obviously wasn't necessarily expecting to play here, because this is a bigger event but was fortunate to get a wildcard.

Again, another opportunity to play against someone a lot higher than me and get that match experience, especially before Wimbledon, because obviously playing in main draw you're going to -- doesn't matter who you're going to have to play. You're going to have to play really good.

Q. Are you happy with how your game is going now compared to how it was a few weeks ago? Do you feel as though you're sensing an improvement through this whole summer period?
HARRIET DART: Yeah, you just try and get a couple of adjustments after lots of matches and stuff. So obviously I work a lot with my coach on things and always looking to improve. Whether that's here or next week or in a couple of months, always trying to do stuff a bit better to improve for the future.

Q. How are you enjoying Eastbourne as a tournament and as an event? Are you able to enjoy it and feel the atmosphere and feel the crowds?
HARRIET DART: Yeah, definitely the home support is great. That's a huge benefit to be playing in the UK.

Eastbourne, I really like it. I came here a couple years ago, and, yeah, I mean, yeah, I just like the whole feel and happy to be back here in my own right.

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