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June 25, 2018

Kyle Edmund

Eastbourne, England

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What did you think when you saw the draw and Andy's going to play Stan today and maybe you tomorrow?
KYLE EDMUND: Not much, really. Just another match. That's the way the tennis world works. You can draw anyone if they're not seeded. There is always that possibility, and it's the same as last week, really. Could have played him second round. Yeah, just another match that I've got to play and do my best in, really.

Q. Did you watch either of them closely at Queen's?
KYLE EDMUND: I watched obviously Andy's match, bits, because I was getting ready to play. Didn't see too much of Stan's. I think I was actually busy either training or doing something.

Yeah, they're both obviously very good players, similar sort of situations in terms of coming back, probably Stan a little bit more further down the line than Andy. But both sort of coming back from a bit of a layoff of injury. But obviously two amazing players. And whatever, it's a tough match, for sure.

Q. How's the warmer weather these last few weeks affecting the grass? Does it make it feel different?
KYLE EDMUND: I'm not sure. I mean, it wears out a lot quicker. So, yeah, I think in terms of play it's pretty similar. Maybe a little bit -- you could say maybe a little bit quicker, but naturally when it's hot it's always quicker conditions, whatever surface.

Possibly maybe a little bit higher bouncing, but tough to say. Queen's is quite a low-bouncing grass court, anyway. But Eastbourne and Wimbledon are normally a little bit higher bouncing.

But yeah, I mean, it's great it's been weather like this. It's amazing really. And every day you can sort of predict the conditions. But it's really nice to play in. Especially in England, playing in hot weather on the grass, it's what you want.

I have been enjoying it. The conditions have been nice, especially for, you know, quick tennis. It helps you a lot, basically, benefits you.

Q. What have you been up to since Queen's?
KYLE EDMUND: Nothing. Well, I have had two days, really, because I played obviously on the Friday, and Saturday just chilled out really. A little bit of stuff, training, and came down yesterday.

Trained twice, once with Andy and then today I have just hit once again this afternoon. And tomorrow obviously take it a little bit lighter before the match.

It's a very quick turnaround. If I had gone out a little bit earlier in Queen's, I probably would have trained a lot more, but because I pretty much played five matches in five days, you know, couple days and I had to be here again. It sort of rolled into one, which is a good problem, I guess.

Q. Which is better, the match play or having more time to work on your game?
KYLE EDMUND: I think right now match play, because the grass season is very short. So you want matches and you want sort of momentum and rhythm. You don't want to play and then stop and try and find form. It's always nice to have that form and -- I mean, five matches, two of them were doubles and two singles, but two singles were pretty good matches.

Even if it's doubles, you're on court playing points and you're in the zone, and that's always good. So, yeah, for sure at this time, because there is only, you know, four weeks of the grass court season if you go to the end of Wimbledon, but if you don't, it could be three or something. So to play matches is ideal.

Q. What was your sense of Andy?
KYLE EDMUND: Yeah, he looked pretty good. I mean, he was like that at the start of the tournament in Queen's, and I think Queen's he played really pretty well for his first match, for sure.

So, yeah, he's looking good, like, pretty normal to me.

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