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June 24, 2018

Chase Seiffert

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. I know you wanted a few more down the stretch, but at the end of the day you've got to feel confident that the building blocks have kind of fallen into place over the last four days?
CHASE SEIFFERT: Absolutely. I love this tournament, and I played well all week, but I knew I had a really low round in me. I kind of let it go on Thursday and had it going, but kind of kept the pedal down today and was fortunate enough to keep it going.

Q. Right now it looks like it could be good enough for a top 10, which would put you in the Military Tribute in a few weeks at The Greenbrier. Was this in your mind and did you know what you were playing for?
CHASE SEIFFERT: Absolutely. I was telling my instructor and caddie David there, today is my Monday qualifier for The Greenbrier. If I play well today, I can kind of get myself in, so I went out that and tried to attack.

Q. We're here with Chase who has Monday qualified into this event before. You don't have any status on any TOUR right now, but you Monday qualified in last year. You played well again this year to Monday qualify in and now here you are looking at a possible top 10 that could get you on to next week. Did that cross through your mind at all while you were out there today?
CHASE SEIFFERT: It did. I was going in today and treating it like my Monday qualifier for The Greenbrier. So I went out and had a nice warm-up session, felt really calm all the way through the round, I was fortunate enough to pitch in two times on the front and keep it rolling after that.

Q. What's it like to be out here amongst the pros here, amongst other pros like yourself, at a PGA TOUR event? Does that help your confidence? Does it make you nervous? How do you approach the week?
CHASE SEIFFERT: No, it feels really good. I feel like my game's good enough to be out here full-time and kind of confirms that with the way I've been playing this week and last year here as well.

No, I feel really confident out here, and it's nice all the support from the fans here in Connecticut.

Q. You were at FSU with Brooks Koepka and Daniel Berger. Do you still keep in touch? Have those guys tried to help you through your pro career?
CHASE SEIFFERT: We stay in touch just a little bit. They're so busy traveling around and playing. Brooks is just winning everything, so we don't talk all that much, but they're great guys. Nice to have as teammates.

Q. What about this afternoon, are you going to be nervous watching the leaderboard to see where you end up if you finish in the top 10?
CHASE SEIFFERT: I will be a little nervous and hope I can stay in there. But I'm going to go grab some lunch and kind of decompress. I'm exhausted.

Q. Knowing what you had to do, was it hard to focus on the tournament knowing that you're playing for in two weeks? Is it hard not to look and see where you stand as far as winning the tournament and Greenbrier and all that factors into it?
CHASE SEIFFERT: Once I got it rolling on the front, I didn't really look at a leaderboard until like 16. I just was in a nice rhythm with everything, the game felt really good. I just kind of stayed in the moment and what I was doing. I didn't really look at a leaderboard, and I liked it that way. I kind of saw where I was on 16, and just knew I needed to play the last two holes well and hopefully be okay to get into Greenbrier.

Q. What is your current status situation?
CHASE SEIFFERT: I have no status on any TOUR. I've been traveling around, doing all the Mondays. I've been close a lot. I got into the Web.com event in Raleigh and Mondayed in, but I have no status otherwise.

Q. Are you planning a summer full of Mondays?
CHASE SEIFFERT: Pretty much. That's kind of what I did last year and I was able to get in three events last year doing that, so that was my plan this year too.

Q. Was that your plan for Greenbrier too?
CHASE SEIFFERT: I'm already signed up for The Greenbrier just in case. Hopefully I don't need it.

Q. Getting into Greenbrier, but looking down the road and potentially getting a spot into the Web Finals with the non-member points, how big would that be to get your feet under for 2019?
CHASE SEIFFERT: That would be nice. Q-school is stressful every year. You can play well for 51 weeks and then if you don't play well that week, you're in tough luck. But it would be nice to get to the Web Finals and earn my card that way.

Q. You had a phenomenal round on Monday, a course record?
CHASE SEIFFERT: Yeah, I believe so.

Q. So suddenly you're in a tournament. Can you explain what happened from then on? You shoot your 9-under, and then how does your week go from there?
CHASE SEIFFERT: So it was a little tougher last year. Because I had never played here. So you're trying to scramble to learn the golf course. You're trying to save energy, but you have to get out here and play your holes to learn this place. This year I was able to take it a little easier because I knew the course a little bit and saved some energy early in the week, so that helped me on the weekend stay a little sharper.

Q. So there is a Pro-Am on Monday, nothing on Tuesday. There is a Pro-Am on Wednesday. When do you get to play the golf course?
CHASE SEIFFERT: You can play it Tuesday all day or you can play an early nine on Wednesday and tee off about 6:00.

Q. How much did you overlap with Brooks this year?
CHASE SEIFFERT: We played one year together, I believe.

Q. Did you know each other well?
CHASE SEIFFERT: We got along just fine. Just haven't really kept up with him that much in the last years.

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