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June 24, 2018

Matt Wallace

Pulheim, Germany

Q. 31 on the back nine, fantastic?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, the two putts on 10 and 11 from long range, after I did that, I hit some great shots and I was like, wow, we can get there now. I didn't think I would have got there -- I played the front nine really nice but missed loads of putts. After those two, I thought, okay, this is on.

Q. What's it like, sitting in the recorder's hut?
MATT WALLACE: The worst. I definitely don't want to do that again. But hopefully I'll be in that position and it will be the same outcome.

The guys at the end there probably feel like they could have got to 10-under as well, but the course was set up as it was and it was pretty tough. The 17th hole is really firm. People don't realise and a lot of the guys are running through the back. I kept mine short of the pin and missed the putt.

This is fantastic.

Q. A bit of help on the green from your caddie, as well?
MATT WALLACE: On 10 and 11, I said to him, listen, I need something, some more confidence, somewhere, so do you mind lining me up. And after I felt like my line was lined up right, I could hit the putt. That seemed to help.

Q. This is your third win in a calendar year. Can you believe where you are standing here today, three-time winner?
MATT WALLACE: No. I think you know me, as well, that I work hard. I work for this. I believe I can do it. I want to go further. I want to keep building on this. Obviously gives me a lot of confidence to go on and play well and I want to kick on and hopefully do this in the bigger events from now on.

Q. What's next? Do you think Captain Björn is watching, perhaps?
MATT WALLACE: I hope so. I think he would be. But again, I think I said it in the last few interviews that I need to play my way into that, into The Ryder Cup, and this is a good start.

Q. Message to anybody at home?
MATT WALLACE: My girlfriend, Chelsea, and my mom and dad, yeah, love you guys.

Q. I don't think you thought you had quite enough in the bag there.
MATT WALLACE: I thought it was going to go to a playoff, personally, so I was ready for that. But I think that you have to be ready for that because if you're not, you're going to be a little bit all over the place. I was ready.

But absolutely chuffed that I've got it done.

Q. A roller coaster of emotions, probably times where you thought you had enough. Has it quite kicked in yet?
MATT WALLACE: Not quite yet. But this trophy is quite heavy, so it's kind of kicking in. Brilliant to win here in Germany, BMW, such a great event, and to play against the likes of Martin Kaymer and the guys at the top there, it's great. It's a great field.

And special mention to Thorbj√ɬłrn for his round today. 61 is fantastic. I think he finished before the leaders went out, so that's quite special. Kudos to him.

Yeah, this is fantastic.

Q. We look at your resumé, C.V. of victories and things are moving very quickly for you. Is it hard to stay grounded or are you looking to possibilities further down this year?
MATT WALLACE: No, we can't look at that. I've got a great team around me to help me do that, especially my girlfriend. She definitely keeps me grounded. She won't let me do anything else.

This is great. This is a step in the right direction. Again, we'll keep working hard to bigger and better things.

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