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June 23, 2018

James Hahn

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. A very special guest, James Hahn who had an ace here on the back nine at 11. You shot 6-under on the back nine, and that ace, did that help you pick up that momentum?
JAMES HAHN: It did. It got me back to even par for the day and made a couple birdies coming in. I was kind of eyeing a 29 on the back. I didn't want to jinx myself by trying to add up all the scores. So didn't hit a good shot on 18, but luckily two-putted for 29 on the back side, so it gets me back in the tournament.

Q. We've got to talk about that ace a little bit more here. You dumped it. What club did you take? How did you approach that shot?
JAMES HAHN: We were in between a 9 and an 8. The wind was a little into us. I thought I had to play kind of 148 shot, and luckily I asked my caddie right before I hit it. I said what do you think I should play? And he said 152, so I went with his number, so I have to give him credit for that.

And his parents were following us around the whole front nine, and they finally left. So I go birdie, hole in one, so I have to give them credit too for having to do something other than watch me play golf.

Q. We'll go with that. Well, your caddie was right, 154 was the exact number on it. They had to repair the hole a little bit there. Have you ever had one slam dunk like that?
JAMES HAHN: I've had probably -- we were trying to count. I think I'm up to seven now, but I'm not sure. For sure six, feels like seven. But, yeah, I've never had a hole in one before where I dunked it.

I'm always complaining about guys that do. I'm like look at these people, don't respect for the golf course, and now I'm that guy. So, yeah, it happens. It happens to the best of us. Sorry, not sorry.

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