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June 22, 2018

Andrei Svechnikov

Dallas, Texas

Q. Andre, how does it feel to be drafted?
ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: It feels great and I'm super happy. It was my dream and it came true and just the best moment of my life.

Q. Who is sharing this experience with you?
ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: My mom and dad, mother, brother, like my agents and friends.

Q. Just talk about your season and your decision to play in the NHL.
ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: I mean, I think I had a good season but I cannot be satisfied because we lost that second ground. Just to be with Dale Hawerchuk, just a great guy. It was fun.

Q. Inaudible.
ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: That's probably important for me but I'm just happy to play in the NHL right now. That's my dream.

Q. Did you think the Hurricanes would take you?
ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: I was there a couple weeks ago and I think it was fine and the team looks like going on the way up, and just suits me, you know. When you.

Q. When you went on stage, do you feel like you knew the people well?
ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: Yeah, just comfortable and easy to talk to those guys. Yeah it was fun.

Q. What did Rod say to you?
ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: He just told me congrats and welcome to Carolina.

Q. Is there anything that you compare your game with?
ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: I think I don't know really. Probably maybe Yevgeny Shaldybin, Marian Hossa (ph).

Q. Can you play both sides of the ice?
ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: Hossam, and Guttenberg (ph), he can play on the corner, you know and it's great shot, too.

Q. Good day for you?
ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: Yes, super good day and just best moment of my life.

Q. You knew you were going to be December, to finally have it happen --
ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: Yeah, like when I come to North America, I just can't believe I will drafted next two years. Right now, my dream came true, you know.

Q. Are you looking forward to Carolina, maybe playing Detroit in a few years, a rivalry with your brother?
ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: I'm happy with Carolina and I will try my best.

Q. What about the meeting made you feel comfortable with the organization?
ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: I mean, you know, this team have new organization and just great people and just easy to talk with those people and I feel very comfortable with those people.

Q. What do you think you have to do this summer to get ready?
ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: I think I will have a good summer and just prepare for the next season. I will improve everything, my skate, my shot, my stick.

Q. How about your brother, getting drafted, how special is that for you?
ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: You know, right now, kind of easy for me because I was with my brother in the draft and just fun that he was there. I just look to him and how he give the step and it's really good for me right now.

Q. What kind of advice has he given you?
ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: Between junior hockey and the NHL, he told me, like you will don't have many space in NHL and like think quick. It will be faster.

Q. What has he told you about getting ready to move up to the NHL and speed of the game? What are you planning to do to get ready for that over the next few months?
ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: You know, I will train with Sergei should have and my brother and hope -- I hope it will be fun and just those guys playing in the NHL and just I will try to be close with those guys and just do same thing.

Q. Were you nervous about last night?
ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: Oh, no, I wasn't nervous really.

Q. Felt easy? No problems?

Q. How exciting is it that it's finally here?
ANDREI SVECHNIKOV: Just super happy and my dream came true.

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