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June 22, 2018

Russell Knox

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. Well, Russ, nice comeback today. 6-under round after yesterday's 73. I watched you both days; what was the difference?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, I mean, yesterday I had no birthday birdies yesterday. I don't know. I mean, I played one terrible hole on the par-5, and then the drivable hole there 15, hit it in the water. So I played -- and I three-putt the other par-5. So I played the three easiest holes at 3-over yesterday and today I got them.

But today was good. I had a good feeling about today, if I just kept playing the same way I have been, I'd make some birdies, and I did.

Q. You were shut out for birdies on your birthday, which is a terrible thing, but you came on strong today. Was the course condition any different? I know it was cooler this morning when you teed off.
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, I mean, it was a perfect day. There was a little breeze to keep you honest, but this course is always easier in the morning. It crisps up a little bit in the afternoon. But, yeah today was good. I struck the ball nice, and of course I holed some putts too, which I holed a couple of big par putts there just after making the turn that kept things going and made a couple nice birdies. So I'm happy with that.

Q. Let me ask you this: Last year the winning score to get in the playoff was 12-under. You've won here before. Do you feel pretty good now that you've turned things around heading into the weekend?
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, I mean, to be honest, this course you're only one good round away from being in the mix. It gets tough here on the weekend. I know there's going to be a little weather tomorrow possibly, but, hey, I'm going to need to throw up another 64 or so. But I've done it before here, like you said, so there's always a chance.

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