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June 22, 2018

Justin Thomas

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. Justin, not a bad day. 1-under today puts you 5-under heading into the weekend. A few comments on today and how you're feeling about the game heading into the weekend?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It was pretty frustrating. I felt like there wasn't a very good round this morning. It wasn't playing very hard. I drove it better today. Just I did not putt very well. Yeah, I felt like I easily should have shot 5- or 6-under today, and to walk away with 1-under is pretty disappointing.

Q. Just the putter that was the problem?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, just I pulled my putt on 17, and 18 I misread it a little bit. Then I hit a lot of pretty good putts that I misread some or just wasn't hitting good putts.

Yeah, I mean, kind of a bad break there. I hit a perfect drive on 6 down there about 330 and I'm in a divot. You would hope hitting a good drive like that into a par-5 and having to hit a 4-iron, it was still sitting good enough to where I should have made 4, but it was one of those days where things weren't going my way.

I hit the fairway bunker on 9 with a bad lie where you can't get the club on the ball. So it's just one of those days.

Q. When you talk about breaks, the course itself compared to yesterday afternoon, what were the conditions like this morning?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It was very similar. I mean, the course is absolutely perfect, so there's no excuses from us.

Q. If you go into the weekend 3, 4, whatever behind the leaders --
JUSTIN THOMAS: At least 5.

Q. -- or 5, would that change your approach or do you have to stick to your game plan and not worry about that?
JUSTIN THOMAS: You just have to stick to your game plan. It's not that it's easy, but you could shoot 60 or 61 out here in a heartbeat if you just get hot one day. You could make up 7 or 8 shots in a day. So hopefully being -- I would venture to guess that I could be more than 5. But being 5 back going into the weekend is very strikable.

But I just need to tighten everything up a little bit if I want to have a chance.

Q. When you're playing in a group like that with other major champions and the galleries are following you guys, do you feed off each other? Does it help? Does it matter to you at all who you're playing with?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, it definitely helps. It's fun playing with good friends. You definitely get more momentum when guys are playing well. I obviously couldn't get a whole lot of momentum out there. I was kind of hovering around 1- or 2-under. But pretty much just Bubba today. Rory didn't play great either, and both of us definitely could have had a lot lower round. But it definitely helps on days like today when you're playing with someone else.

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