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June 22, 2018

Russell Henley

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. Russell, great day, bogey-free. Do you recall the last time you hit every green in regulation?
RUSSELL HENLEY: I don't, but that's the goal. I hit it well. I felt like I hit it in the right spots all day. It was kind of a stress-free round and my ball striking was pretty good.

Q. Yeah, it's been good both days. Interesting, so you head into the weekend now in a great spot, 9-under par. Hitting it as good as you're going to with 18 greens, what do you do? Try to stay out of your own way now and let it happen tomorrow?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Yeah, I think that's always the goal for me. Just stick with my same routines, go get a good dinner, get some rest, wake up tomorrow, and go out and try to keep staying with my process and believing in my shots.

Q. We noticed a change in the environment late in the round. The wind was kicking up and it felt colder. Did you notice a difference in the way the course was playing?
A. Yeah, definitely some shots were a little more gusty with the wind. I played it safe, pretty conservative there on the back nine when that wind kicked up. Just trying to hit it to the fat side of the green and trying to stay away from short siding myself. If I wasn't sure about the wind, I just played that much safer to the middle of the green. Hit it well, and felt like I controlled the ball well.

Q. You hit 18 of 18 greens today.
RUSSELL HENLEY: Yeah, hit the ball well. Greens are great, so just trying to give myself a look from the fatter side of the green. Felt like I controlled the ball really well. Wish I would have made a few more, but anytime you can go bogey-free, it's a good round.

Q. Was it a little tougher this afternoon than yesterday morning? Looks like the wind is kicking up.
RUSSELL HENLEY: Yeah, the course is changed a little bit. A lot of the holes that were downwind are into the wind. 18 I hit 7-iron yesterday, and today I hit a 54-degree wedge. So definitely changes the golf course when the wind switches. I think this is the normal wind more out of the south, south-ish.

Q. Any particular shots that you were happy with today? Anything that you want to work on before tomorrow?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Yeah, I was really happy with 5-wood I hit on 13, the par-5. Hit it to about 30 feet. It was a nice two-putt birdie. That was when the wind was kicking up. We were trying to be decisive on what club to hit over the water and I picked the right one. So that was a good shot to keep the round going in a good direction.

Q. For the most part do you like the risk-reward that this course offers?
RUSSELL HENLEY: I think so. I mean, you've got to finish the tournament. If you're going to win the tournament, you've got to play it to the very end, because anything can happen on this course, you know. I played here two years ago and was in contention on the back nine and kind of threw up a little bit coming down the stretch. But I think it's a fun ending on the back nine, and a lot of good, fun shots, for sure.

Q. Is patience -- I guess most of the time, but here it almost seems like sometimes you want to get aggressive because you know you can make great scores, but maybe you don't have to because it's there for you, and if you get too aggressive, then you may be making some bogeys?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Yeah, I mean there's a lot of times you feel like that, but it's just one hole. I always think about if I made a par here, would it be that big of a loss on the hole? Maybe a lot of guys birdie it today, but I birdied No. 4, and that's a really tough hole. So it kind of evens itself out. I think if you try to keep giving yourself looks for birdie, for the most part it will even itself out through the course of 72 holes.

Q. Is there any hole out there where you say to yourself, gee, if I had done this or this, I'd be in the lead right now?
RUSSELL HENLEY: I mean, I hit every green, so if I just made a couple more putts. I didn't really put myself in a position where I had to stress too much. Maybe I lipped out a couple birdie putts, so make a couple more of those and I'm in the lead.

But we've got to play 72 holes, and I've got to play really solid the next two days as well to have a good tournament.

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