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June 21, 2018

Moritz Wagner

Brooklyn, New York

MORITZ WAGNER: This is crazy. I'm kind of speechless. You dream about this moment your entire life. You've been preparing for this moment the last three months. You haven't thought about anything else, and then the call actually comes. It's unreal. It's great to share that with my closest people and my family and friends.

Q. Can you talk about growing up watching a guy like Dirk, such a legend from Germany. How did he influence you into getting motivated to making the NBA stage?
MORITZ WAGNER: He gave you belief. For kids overseas, the NBA is very, very far away. Way further than for American kids, just because it's literally further away. It's like a dream. And yeah, Dirk kind of gave you belief and hope.

Q. You're joining a really pretty good crop of young German players in the league. Dennis Schröder. Guys like that. How do you feel about joining that crop of young, developing German players in the NBA?
MORITZ WAGNER: Makes me proud. There's obviously a national pride there that there's a new wave of players coming in. To be part of it makes me very, very proud.

Q. How do you feel you fit into the Lakers' core as currently constructed? They're pretty young. How do you feel you fit into that mix?
MORITZ WAGNER: They play very fast. They have a lot of talent at a lot of positions. They're young. They're trying to build something in Los Angeles. They all can shoot. Very, very skilled players. So I'm excited. I'm excited to go there and talk to new teammates. It's a very exciting process. We'll figure it out. It's going to be very cool.

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