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June 21, 2018

Marvin Bagley III

Brooklyn, New York

MARVIN BAGLEY III: I'm just too excited right now. I can't even describe the feeling I'm feeling right now. A lot of emotions running through me, seeing my family out there, happy for me, and friends that came. This has been great.

I'm super excited to get started with this franchise and keep it going and keep building.

Q. Do you know anything about the city of Sacramento?
MARVIN BAGLEY III: Oh, yeah, I know they built the new arena down in the city. They're starting to kind of build out and build new things. I had a great feeling when I went there, just from the people that I met walking outside and seeing how friendly the people were and just meeting new people and meeting the front office and everybody involved with the Kings. I had a great feeling, especially working out, talking to Peja (Stojakovic), Vlade (Divac), the owner. Everybody, man, they gave me a good vibe and a good feeling about building something. I'm super excited to get down there and start building something.

Q. You and Deandre Ayton played together in high school. How about the fact you two did that and now you're 1 and 2 in the draft?
MARVIN BAGLEY III: It's amazing. It's amazing. I've known Deandre for a long time. That's like my brother, man. We played together. We had chemistry. We built a relationship. To see him live out his dream and me living out my dream, it's amazing. It's an amazing feeling. Like I said, I'm excited to go into this new journey.

Q. What are some of the things you learned in the ACC this year that will hopefully have been a good jumping-off point for the NBA?
MARVIN BAGLEY III: One thing that I've learned, especially in conference play, is that every game, especially with the team we have, you're going to get every team's best shot. It's not going to be a game -- any game where you go in and there's going to be an easy game. There's no such thing as easy games, and I think that will definitely help me going into the NBA level. Bring it every night and you're going to get everybody's best shot, especially as a rookie coming in; everybody is going to want to prove to you that you shouldn't be here or try to prove a point to you. So you've just got to be ready for that and just play and have fun and compete at a high level. And I think that's what I'm ready to do.

Q. Being in the NBA, every single game, teams are going to try and take advantage of your weaknesses. What's the No. 1 weakness in your game you want to improve by the time you play in the NBA?
MARVIN BAGLEY III: Everything. It's a lot of things that I think I should get better at. It's just about me studying myself, studying other players, studying basketball in general, getting better at each thing I put a finger on and choose to get better at. There's a lot of things I'm working on to help me play at this level.

Q. I heard you say if the Suns didn't pick you the first overall pick that you'd forever hold a grudge. Do you have a fire ready for all your Phoenix Suns gear from when you were little?
MARVIN BAGLEY III: No, it's not necessarily literally a fire. It's more of a fire inside. I'm happy. I'm happy that I'm with the Kings. When I said I have a lifelong chip, I definitely meant that, and I'm rolling with that. I can't wait to get to work. That's all I'm going to say, man. I can't wait to get started and grow as a player.

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