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June 21, 2018

Matt Jones

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. How about some general comments. 5-under day, good start?
MATT JONES: Yeah, it was a great start. Made a great putt there, 25-footer on the last for par. Would have been very disappointing to finish at 4-under considering the way I hit it and the putts that I missed out there for birdie. I couldn't have shot a worst score than 5-under, but I'm very happy.

Q. I heard you mentioned the conditions were ideal?
MATT JONES: Yeah, the golf course is the best I've ever seen it. As I said before, the superintendent has done an amazing job. The greens are perfect. And I'm sure you're going to see some low scores this afternoon.

Q. I assume Peter Thomson has touched every Australian golfer some way. I assume you met him at some point. What were your memories of that?
MATT JONES: I only met him once, I think it was at the British Open in St. Andrews, I believe, I can't remember how many -- three years ago maybe. It was just fantastic to meet him for what he's done for golf globally, let alone Australian golf. That's why you've got golfers like Ian Baker-Finch, Greg Norman, Craig Parry, all those guys would have been watching Peter Thomson growing up when they were growing up. He's inspired a lot of young golfers, and I'm very privileged to be able to say I met him and got to speak with him.

Q. You seem to like this place. What do you like about it?
MATT JONES: Probably, it just fits my eye, I would assume. There's a lot of holes you can be aggressive with and get shorter irons in your hand, if you want. You can lay it back and play it a little more conservatively. But by nature I'm more of an aggressive player, to get that chance, I like to take it on. Take the golf course on and the greens are perfect, so if you give yourself a birdie putt, you're going to have a good chance of making it.

Q. Is there any particular part of your game that was a little better than others?
MATT JONES: Today I hit it very well from tee to green. I think I missed one fairway, which was my last hole, and I think I missed two greens, and I had a lot of birdie putts out there. Especially on this golf course, if you're hitting fairways, you're going to have short irons in to attack those pins. I hit a fair few shots that I could have converted but didn't, so hopefully I could have made some more tomorrow.

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