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June 20, 2018

Frances Tiafoe

London, England

F. TIAFOE/L. Mayer

6-4, 2-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How do you feel you played overall?
FRANCES TIAFOE: Yeah, I thought it was a really good match. Played him once before in Shanghai in the quallies, last-round quallies. It was another tight match. I won 6-4 in the third.

So I knew it was going to be tough today. I came out playing great. Second set had a little lapse, but third set was extremely tight and I was happy to get through.

Q. You're now in the quarterfinals here, your best performance on a grass court on the ATP Tour. How happy are you with your performance on this surface?
FRANCES TIAFOE: Pretty pumped. I mean, grass hasn't been my favorite surface at all in the past here. I had unbelievable prep, staying here after French Open, practicing on grass for a couple weeks and practicing at the LTA with a bunch of great players. It's paying off, luckily.

Q. Have you made any adjustments this year for the grass in your preparations?
FRANCES TIAFOE: Yeah, trusting my movement a little more. Trying to get ahead of rallies more, leaning into my shots a little more instead of, you know, -- just being more proactive than reactive.

Q. You have had so many wins this year. I think the notes said you have more wins than any other American right now. What do you think the key has been this year? You had a big Delray, obviously.
FRANCES TIAFOE: Yeah, it's been a really good year for me. I've won a lot of matches unexpected. I started the year pretty poor.

Yeah, I mean, starting to just really enjoy it, take expectations off. Obviously a ton of young guys my age, Americans, have a lot of expectations. I kind of just went back to what I did best, enjoying the sport I love and whatever happens happens.

I have been able to bring some good tennis doing that. Also being home and spending more time at home, friends, family, that's been helping me a lot. I think that's pretty much the answer for me, as well.

Q. You have had some brutal Grand Slam draws, like Federer, Del Potro, Zverev. What have you learned from that? What's your goal at Wimbledon and beyond, US Open?
FRANCES TIAFOE: Try and get seeded one day in a slam (smiling). Let's start there.

Yeah, I mean, it's tough, but, I mean, you've got to -- I mean, you've got to overlook that. I mean, eventually in the draw you're going to have to take one of these guys out. Unfortunately I haven't.

But, you know, I know I can, if I bring a good level, I have a chance against anyone in the world, I feel. So, I mean, it's only going to help me in the long run, I think.

Q. You play Chardy in the quarters. What are your thoughts about that?
FRANCES TIAFOE: Jeremy, great friend of mine. Really good player. So far he's been having an unbelievable grass court season. He won a big challenger. Made finals last week in 's-Hertogenbosch. Obviously he's feeling good.

Try and slow him down, try and get it done on Friday.

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