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June 20, 2018

Tommy Fleetwood

Pulheim, Germany

Q. Coming off a week, which I think a lot of the guys were writing off just because it was extraordinary conditions, I went and bettered your top five from last year and came second?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, which is always nice. I think any time you improve on yourself, that's always a good thing but there's not many places to go from a fourth.

Yeah, just to have a week like that; the Sunday was an amazing day, just because it was my first-ever Father's Day, and I got so, so, close to making my little piece of history, but all in all, kind of at the end of 72 holes, I was up there again in a major and there was a lot of positives to take from it.

Q. Looking at your results from the season, there's just the one missed the cut from Wells Fargo but on a bad day, you're still coming through with the results. Is this just things developing and improving in your private life, the puzzles are coming together and you feel more settled?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, I've got a lot of good going for me. My game's been really consistent this year. I've had -- I said before last week, I've kind of been playing really consistent. Always had sort of one round that's just been not good enough to get me up there in a big finish.

I've had a lot of sort of finishes around 20th, albeit that's very, very consistent, and like you say, I've only missed one cut. Like if I can keep that going, that's great.

Any time, if you're either not on your game or you're if you're just ticking over when you're not getting big results, because you don't finish first or second every week; if you're ticking over when you're not doing that and then you can have them big results, that's key to like a really good, consistent year.

I think in all it's been very good so far, and of course my life off the course is great. I'm very grateful for all the good things that are happening at the moment.

Q. I think everybody sees that with you every week. But it must feel like you're in the middle of the marathon at the moment, coming off the U.S. Open, a lot of Rolex coming up. How would you mentally digest the weeks and months to come?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, this year, in particular, we kind of knew at the start of the year, it's going to be a busy year, and I know now that I've really got very little time off up until past September, nearly October now. At least I know; it's not like it's going to take me by surprise and I'm going to get to the end of it and think I'm knackered and I wasn't expecting to play all those events.

Rest is important; I think eating well. I generally eat very well and I look after myself, which is going to be massive on a really busy year. I've been playing both tours this year for the first time. There's just a lot going on.

But that's fine, as long as you know it's coming and you look after yourself. If you want to go home and play golf anyway, it's just that when I come out here, it's just nor a little bit more pressure than having a few shots at home.

Just looking after yourself mentally and physically and hopefully at the end of the year, I won't be too knackered but I'll definitely be ready for a holiday.

Q. World Cup is upon us. Any thoughts, feelings, predictions?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Well, I only got to lost like 25, 30 minutes of it the other day, and then I had to get a car to the airport in New York. But they look good. It's tough, the World Cup, every year. It's such a -- it's very sort of tough environment. There's a lot of teams that can be a bit scrappy or defend well, and you've seen already, like the top, top teams haven't got results and it's just not that easy, and you understand that in sport.

But it's a long competition, and I think -- it looked great so far. I do enjoy watching video of England fans passion back at home in the pubs and stuff or out there. It's great watching that. I think that's my favourite bit of the World Cup, actually.

Q. Is being a dad making a difference in having a consistent year?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: It definitely makes a difference to your outlook on life. I think my approach to just the intensity of golf, it's easy to switch off. It's easy to, whether you play good or bad, it's much easier to just go home and puts things into perspective.

So definitely on a mental level, I'm much better at not worry as much about it. I've been lucky that I've been playing very well this year. I've still put the hard work in and still doing the right things. On and off the course, I've just got a very good thing going at the moment.

Q. We all saw how important one putt can be at Shinnecock.
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Tell me about it.

Q. That's why you spend so much time on the putting green?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Well, yeah, it's just at the moment, trying to putt more time in on putting, just trying to up my practise at it a little bit from an hour a day to maybe an hour and a half or two hours. It's just a plan that we've got ongoing that I'm going to do more putting, so I'll be on there later.

It's a little bit busy now so you can't be on there too much, but I'll be on there later. It's just part of my golf plan at the moment.

But you're right. Putting is the one where it all comes down to it. It doesn't matter how well you play. You always tend to want to look at the putts you've missed.

Q. Have you seen the course this year so far?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Not yet, no. Today will be my first time. I've been speaking to a couple of my friends and they said how good condition it it's in and the rough they said is quite thick. I'll get out there today. I was planning on playing tomorrow but my luggage didn't arrive, so I'll have an extra day off but I'm looking forward to getting out there.

I have my dad caddying this week. My wife and baby, they come ought at the weekend or a little bit later. We'll play the Pro-Am, finish after a little bit of practise and go home and rest. I'm still in resting phase at the moment after last week.

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