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June 17, 2018

Matt Parziale

Southampton, New York

THE MODERATOR: Next on the Flash area is Matt Parziale, who is tied for Low Amateur in the championship at 16 over par.

Q. You get half a trophy, which is better than nothing at all.

Q. How does it feel to have achieved what you did out here?
MATT PARZIALE: Yeah, I was happy to play well all four days. I wouldn't say that I played great. I played pretty steady for four days.

Rounds can obviously always be better at all times, but I'm happy with the way I stayed in it. I had some rough stretches today and responded well. I doubled 13, and then to play the rest of the way 1 under, I was happy with that.

Q. Can you separate the play from the goal? Can you think, I just need to play well, then I can win the trophy, or are you thinking, I want to win the trophy?
MATT PARZIALE: No, I'm never thinking -- I never have goals or expectations or think about winning. I do well when I get into the process, and that's really my only goal. And usually, you have a chance down the stretch, when you stick to that for the first whatever it is, if it's a four-day event or a three-day event. If you stick to that, usually if you're playing well, you can have a chance down the stretch.

Q. Talking about rough stretches, what were your hardships today?
MATT PARZIALE: So 8 and 9, I drove right down the middle of the fairway into a divot. That was an unfortunate break. Then the putt I hit, I probably hit a six-footer there. I thought I had a really good putt, probably bounced a little off the face and didn't go in. I thought I hit a really good putt on 9 to save par. That also didn't go in. I three-putted 11, and I doubled 13.

I responded well when things weren't going well for a four, five, six-hole stretch there. I had birdie putts 14 through 18. I was able to make one of them, and all five had a chance of going in.

Q. So you had the better round in your grasp, and things just sort of didn't quite go your way?
MATT PARZIALE: Yeah. I made a birdie, made a nice birdie on 5 to get back after making two bogeys. You know, it's such a tough condition course. You really have to be on at all times. I'm happy with the way the last five went.

Q. What is your biggest takeaway from this week? You were around for the weekend, which a lot of the top names weren't.

Q. Do you take that into account? What's your biggest takeaway?
MATT PARZIALE: I don't worry about what the other guys who didn't make the cut or didn't play well did. I'm just happy that I was able to play four rounds here, play pretty well all four of them. Stretches. Obviously, it's very tough out there, so there are stretches where things two wrong.

But I responded well every day. Even after a bad finish yesterday, to come out and play a somewhat decent round today, I'm happy with that.

Q. Looking back on your golf life, did you imagine this somewhere in your future?
MATT PARZIALE: This is what I put all of the work in for. Can't guarantee it's going to happen, but this is why I've done what I've done my entire life.

Q. Did you get anything out of this that would give you an insight into what you want to do down the road? I mean, once you step off the golf course and play other events, you're going back home and --
MATT PARZIALE: Yeah, I'm going back to the Mid-Am life. Yeah, I have no -- I'm not going to turn pro. I've done that before. If they want to give me a Tour card, I'll go play, but I'm not going to go back and play mini tours.

Q. You're an amateur now. You have to go back to work. What's that like?
MATT PARZIALE: We haven't figured that out yet. I have a pretty busy next couple weeks. August is extremely busy with the U.S. Am, getting married, and then honeymoon, and we get right into the U.S. Mid-Am in September. Figure it out after the U.S. Mid-Am is what I'm thinking now.

Q. Thank you.

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