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June 17, 2018

Luis Gagne

Southampton, New York

THE MODERATOR: First in Flash this afternoon is Luis Gagne. Luis shot a plus-4 74 today, finished plus-16 296 for the Championship and currently is low amateur on the scoreboard.

Q. Before we go any further, are we pronouncing your last name correctly?
LUIS GAGNE: Yes, you are.

Q. Okay, good. Quite a journey through four rounds, and you're in a position to walk off as low amateur. Describe your day today, describe your round.
LUIS GAGNE: Just really solid. I had a few putts that didn't really fall but I kept my head down and kept playing, and it turned out all right. So now we just have to see.

Q. You had a variety of conditions out here the last two days. Sun's been out, and there was a little bit of concern about how the conditions were yesterday. Today, how was it for you?
LUIS GAGNE: I felt like the course played a little easier today just because I feel like they watered the greens a good bit. I feel like the wind was calmer this morning. It's starting to pick up a little. I felt like it did play easier today, but I just have to go out there and make the putts.

Q. What, for you, has been the key to getting -- negotiating this course, whereas some of the bigger names in this sport couldn't manage it and are watching this weekend instead of playing?
LUIS GAGNE: I think the biggest thing is knowing that it's okay to make a bogey because, you know, like it's going to happen.

And, I mean, the big things, you have to keep the ball in the fairway, whether you hit hybrid off the tee or 3 wood. I mean, there's nothing out there in the rough. Then after that, you have to be able to miss on the right side of the green, and you can't really tight side yourself out here because the greens are so firm and they're putting the pins right up on the edges, so it doesn't give you much.

Q. Given everything that happened with the coin flip, just getting out of locals, what's the level of satisfaction to be standing here right now?
LUIS GAGNE: Great, you know. I mean, getting that coin flip to go my way was -- you know, that's what started the whole thing. Like it was kind of funny that, you know, I got into sectionals on a coin flip. Since then, I've played really solid. I played good at Bear's Club, and then here I played really solid.

Q. Did you know they did the coin flip without you on the phone? Or were you on the phone when they did it? How did you find out about it after it happened?
LUIS GAGNE: I actually got a call from Cristian DiMarco. I had about three missed calls from him. So then I called him back, like, hey, what's going on? He's like we both weren't there for the final spot, so they decided to flip a coin and turns out I must have been heads or something. (Laughter).

Q. That's great. What are your plans going forward after today?
LUIS GAGNE: I'm going to the Northeast next week. I leave tomorrow. Starts Wednesday. Then a week off, and then I'm playing in the Palmer Cup in France, and then like a week or two off, then playing the Western Amateur and then the U.S. Amateur.

Q. What do you take away from this week, this experience?
LUIS GAGNE: I just learned a lot. One thing is knowing that, you know, I can play with these guys. I mean, of course, I still have a lot of work to do to be able to be out here. Knowing that I'm working on the right things and my skill level's right with these guys, it gives me a lot of confidence.

Q. Has anybody texted you World Cup results from today yet?
LUIS GAGNE: No, but I was on the range and Sean Foley told me about it.

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