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June 17, 2018

Patrick Rodgers

Southampton, New York

Q. I guess the key thing is you have to have a short memory. Yesterday was one you wanted to erase, and you came back pretty strong today.
PATRICK RODGERS: Yeah. Gosh, I should probably bite my tongue a little bit here, but I think my scores this week kind of tell the whole story. I shot 72, 72, 83, 67. So I think it's pretty easy to figure out what one was the day where they lost the golf course a little bit.

I actually probably played a little bit better yesterday than I did today, and I shot, what, 16 shots better. So, yeah, I think they know they made a mistake yesterday, and obviously it's going to show in the scores.

Q. What was the key today? You mentioned the course. But from your perspective and from your play, what changed?
PATRICK RODGERS: Yeah, I just hung in there mentally. I think it's easy to kind of pack it in after a day like yesterday that was frustrating for more reasons than one, and I was just proud of myself that I didn't let a lot of things that were out of my control get to me, and I was able to come out and play the same way I've been playing all week. Nice to put a round together today.

Q. Wind doesn't seem to be as heavy as it might have been yesterday or over previous rounds. Was that in any way a factor?
PATRICK RODGERS: Yeah. I mean, it's calm, and they softened the golf course. They finally listened to the players a little bit. So, yeah, scores were a lot lower, and I think they were a little bit more generous with the pins. Obviously, put a bunch of water on the greens, and we were able to control the golf ball.

But, I mean, it's still a great test. You still have to hit great shots to make birdies, and I think the best players are going to win today. So I was happy with what they did to the golf course.

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