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June 14, 2018

Dean Burmester

Southampton, New York

Q. Take us through 18.
DEAN BURMESTER: I was playing downwind off the left, my tee shot. I hit a good drive down the right side which gave me a nice angle into that pin. Walked down there and we had 117 yards in the flag and it was a perfect lob wedge. So hit perfect lob wedge and slam dunked it straight in the hole.

Q. They measured it at a 411-yard drive. Do you know if you've ever hit a drive that far?
DEAN BURMESTER: Yeah, maybe down a tall road. But, yeah, I think just the way the course is playing pretty firm and the wind, it's certainly possible this week.

Q. Did you have any question about hitting driver at 18 with the wind at you or was that an easy decision to make?
DEAN BURMESTER: For me it was quite easy. I know it widens out on the right side down at the bottom. As long as you take it over that left bunker, it kicks down towards that area. With that back left pin and a wedge in there, it's just perfect.

Q. You said 117 yards?

Q. It touched nothing but cup.
DEAN BURMESTER: Touched nothing but cup.

Q. What were you thinking?
DEAN BURMESTER: Well, when it went in, I was relieved. I was having a long day, you know, 7-over. Ended up 5-over, not too bad. It was a lovely way to finish.

Q. Plus 5 looks a lot better than a plus 7 would have. It had to lift your spirits. What does that do for you as you go into tomorrow?
DEAN BURMESTER: That gives me some belief going in the weekend, you know. Three under par rounds and you can still win this tournament. That's the way it's going and that's the U.S. Open. Being my first one, I'm learning and going step by step.

Q. How has the course treated you? How has it played to your strengths or taken away from your strengths?
DEAN BURMESTER: Off the tee, it's pretty generous. I can hit a few more drivers and be quite aggressive off the tee and leave shorter clubs in. Those greens are tough, man. I've never played anything quite like this. Shinnecock has got some teeth and certainly showed it today. If you short-side yourself around here, you are going to get in a lot of trouble. All in all, I'm pretty happy.

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