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June 12, 2018

Matt Parziale

Southampton, New York

Q. What did you think when the wind started to pick up?
MATT PARZIALE: That's the challenge with Shinnecock. I mean, I think that's the key to the scores -- that's going to dictate the scores come Thursday. This is a different wind than we had yesterday. Yesterday was coming from the east. I think that's right. But, yeah, just going to have to try to hit the best shot you can under the circumstances.

Q. How about the experience itself?
MATT PARZIALE: It was awesome. I had a lot of fun. Judith played incredible. She hit some really good shots, and I brought our team down the tubes. So she should be playing the event instead of me.

Q. And the entire inside the ropes was what you expected?
MATT PARZIALE: Yeah, it was great. Ali was caddying for me. The bag was a little heavy. She thought it was going to be like the par 3 at the Masters, but this was the full 14. So she got tired pretty quick, but she had fun.

Q. What was it like seeing Jack Nicklaus on the 1st hole, on the 1st tee?
MATT PARZIALE: I met Jack back on the 9th hole at the par 3 contest, and I was also with him the next week at the Concession Cup, and he's been great. I've talked to him quite a bit now, and he's told me some stories, and we've joked. He's been a lot of fun to hang around.

Q. Do you think this is the type of event that all the champions enjoy and feel this is something they would like to see happen every year?
MATT PARZIALE: Yeah, I think so. I had a blast. If anyone out there didn't, I don't know why they wouldn't. It's awesome. It's only just begun. We have a dinner looking forward to going to.

Yeah, any time you can be part of a week like this is incredible. Fortunately, I'm able to play. So my week -- but everyone I've talked to that have come these couple days and going to watch a little bit of golf on Thursday, they're having a great time. I think it's something they should keep going.

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