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May 29, 2018

Myrtille Georges

Paris, France

T. TOWNSEND/M. Georges

6-4, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. First set you had occasion and opportunities. You were in the match. Then it was a bit complicated.
It looked like your two first rounds with Muguruza. It was complicated. Last year, you started well and then it became complicated. Did you have the same impression or not?

MYRTILLE GEORGES: Not at all. Indeed, I started well. I kept my serve, but I never broke hers. I had occasions and opportunities, but she's so varying her play that it was difficult to anticipate where she was going to serve.

So I tried to stay in the match until the end. And in the second set, I did more errors, and so it was more complicated and became in her advantage much sooner.

Q. When you play ITF tournaments, you don't play players ranked 70. Is there a better quality of shots here or do you feel quite close?
MYRTILLE GEORGES: I don't play every week players ranked so high. But in the women's category, the difference is not so huge, but there's indeed a difference. In the important moments, she has more experience.

Q. It's not regarding the quality of the shots? It's how to manage the important moments of the match?
MYRTILLE GEORGES: Yes. She has a quite heavy and spinning ball, and you don't see so many players like that on the circuit. And I can't really rely on her quality of shot.

Q. I think I heard that it's been a bit complicated financially for this part of the season and the wildcard was very positive for you. What is your current situation with respect to that? Despite the defeat today, you're breathing a bit because you'll be able to last a few months more in decent conditions?
MYRTILLE GEORGES: When I heard I had the wild card, I was happy that I could continue playing tennis.

But it will just give me a breath of fresh air to finish the year, but it will always be a difficult situation. Now I have to try and cope with that situation.

Q. Does it mean that you were thinking about stopping all together?
MYRTILLE GEORGES: Yes. It was either wild card or I was stopping tennis.

Q. How do you envisage the rest of the year? Because, indeed, it's 42,000, the prize money for you. It enables you to anticipate for the next months but, in the long term, it's not going to last?
MYRTILLE GEORGES: I'm not very young. I'm not anticipating four or five more years on the circuit.

I will talk with my coach, and we'll try to finish the year the best we can and give the maximum until the end of the year.

Q. You've been with him for one year. Is he able to follow you all the time or is it complicated?
MYRTILLE GEORGES: We have systems of weeks. It's up to me to manage according to my results.

Financially speaking, I don't want to be alone too long, so I try to take him with me as often as I can. And since we get on very well together, I try to put all the chances on my side to stop without regret.

Q. So you'll assess the situation at the end of this season?

Q. What is your next tournament?
MYRTILLE GEORGES: I'm waiting to see if I'm in the quallies for Wimbledon and to see if I have to play on grass. Otherwise, I'll stay on clay.

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