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May 30, 2018

Gael Monfils

Paris, France

G. MONFILS/M. Klizan

6-2, 6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. You think Klizan playing at his best in the Rotterdam final? How much of his abilities he showed today, in your opinion?
GAËL MONFILS: It was different. Was missing a lot, I think. Tried quite a lot. I think he made 29 unforced for 8 winners, so he was playing way too aggressive, I think, at some point.

You know Martin, it's always tough to play against him because he has ups and downs. So when you let him play a little bit, he can rip the ball any time, but today was missing quite a lot.

Q. You may be surprised that it was quite an easy match after all?
GAËL MONFILS: Is never easy, but the score, yeah, the score was quite tough. But for sure, you know, I think I was just solid today, I would say. I don't think, you know, I played a good match. I just played a solid match.

I know he play quallies, he have a few matches in his belt, and I played quite a lot, I think, this week. So he was swinging free. I could feel if the match was a bit longer, you want to keep the same intensity.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. After the first round, you looked not disappointed, but we could feel you were not that confident about the tournament. That's what you said before you came here. You had said that if you won two, you'd be happy. Now you have won two and you were solid today. Do you start having other expectations or are you still very cautious?
GAËL MONFILS: Well, to be honest, today I didn't play a super match, but I had a lot of luck. I gave him some opportunities. I sprained my knee, I didn't sleep all night. I had a fever for two days. I feel sick, you can probably hear it in my voice.

Even I am surprised, but I take what comes. But as I said, honestly, I came without too much confidence, but when I'm lucky, I'll seize my luck and that's what happened.

Q. You must have positive points about your game or play or physically how do you think he was playing? Do you think he was just hitting very badly?
GAËL MONFILS: Still I played tennis. I didn't play a flamboyant match, but I did play at some points. There were a lot of dropshots, point, fault, point, fault. I don't have so much confidence, but I did play -- honestly, I didn't play that badly.

It's a bit surprising. Maybe it's Roland Garros, my opponent anyway, and from what you say. No, I'm in the third round. I played against a young man who played correctly for four games. Now I played against Martin, who may have been a bit tired. I know there is a bit of ups and downs.

Well, today I played correctly. I believe I played deep enough, offensive enough. But I didn't battle a lot, but I did run a lot to defend.

Q. The first round, your stomachache, head, et cetera, you don't sleep. What happens?
GAËL MONFILS: As I said, I'm sick. I'm not lucky. I'm sick. It's been increasing. First round I was a bit sick, and then it went, but now I have to take antibiotics, and I'm sick.

Q. What can you do for the next round with David Goffin?
GAËL MONFILS: What can I do? Well, win.

Q. How are you going to do it?
GAËL MONFILS: Well, I won't tell you.

Q. What do you think about David for the moment?
GAËL MONFILS: David is in the top 10 and he has been in the top 10 for a while.

We call him the geometer. He's super accurate, stronger physically, much stronger than many people think. As I say, he is a solid player in the top 10. He has shown it, and he's probably not the best third-round opponent you can get. He's probably one of the heaviest opponents for the third round that you can get.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about the atmosphere in this match? There were quite a lot of French supporters supporting your opponent.
GAËL MONFILS: What, three or four? I get the impression it was two or three guys to whom he gave a badge. Obviously if you give someone a badge, they will support you. But there is different forms of supporting. You can support and you can support and you can really support. So there is a difference.

But that's the game. I understand. I don't know who all these young people were, but they had a badge and they supported him. Nothing to say about that.

Q. You had a slight problem in your knee at the end of the first set. Did you recover easily?
GAËL MONFILS: Well, I'm waiting. I'm going to see when I finish this press conference to see what happens, because I did turn my knee. As I said, when you're warm and as he was making many faults, I could play, but now that my knee is getting cold, it hurts a little more.

Q. Are you taking pleasure in Roland Garros, or is it war?
GAËL MONFILS: Honestly, I wouldn't be here otherwise. As you know, I usually, for many years, I have been saying what I feel, and if I didn't want to play, I wouldn't be here. Tennis is a sport. It's okay. It's my job. But it's also a sport.

So I always take pleasure in playing. In some jobs, it's very difficult to go to work. And I prefer to work hard here than to work hard in another job.

And even though the tournament may be difficult, I'm still taking a lot of pleasure in it.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about Court No. 1? I think you haven't played on it very much. A lot of players like it.
GAËL MONFILS: This court is a bit special, because it's a bit smaller in terms of playing space. It's cool if you don't play too far back. Otherwise it may be a bit complicated.

If you let the ball come down too much and the guy plays crosscourt or if you want to defend from far away, it's a bit complicated.

But there is more atmosphere. You're closer to the people. I like it. You hear what your coach is saying, and that's cool, as well.

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