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May 31, 2018

Cameron Norrie

Paris, France

L. POUILLE/C. Norrie.

6-2, 6-4, 5-7, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Good fight, Cameron. You must be pretty proud of your performance and disappointed in the result, but could you tell us about the call in the tie-break? Do you reckon you touched net?
CAMERON NORRIE: I don't really think I felt like I touched it. But it was only one point of the match. It's not really a big deal.

But everyone makes mistakes. I may or may not have touched it, I'm not really sure. But it was only one point in the match, as I said, so yeah.

Q. Can you tell us a bit about last night? You were feeling ill on the court? Is that something that came on after you started or what?
CAMERON NORRIE: Yeah, like, maybe second or third game, my stomach was, like, kind of sore. Had, like, kind of stomach cramps. I'm not really sure what it was, and it was kind of throughout the whole match yesterday. I was pretty pumped to get off the court last night.

But actually, today, I felt better and played a lot better, and I was able to really focus on my tennis. Whereas, yesterday, I was kind of sidetracked and couldn't really focus too much on my game plan and my tennis.

But today I fought hard and played really well, and I'm proud of myself.

Q. Considering the way you were feeling, the way you came back in that third set, you must be pleased with yourself. Because if you weren't feeling great, the first two sets zipped by you and you came back really well considering.
CAMERON NORRIE: Yeah, I managed to tough out a couple of holds and managed to break him in the end. And, yeah, it was nice to still be in the match last night and gave myself another chance.

And all credit to him. He played really, really good today.

And, yeah, I fought hard and played some of my best tennis today. And I'm just proud of how I fought and how I dealt with everything.

Q. How do you find the experience of playing on Chatrier? You seem to enjoy -- the bigger the stage, the more you enjoy it and the better you play.
CAMERON NORRIE: Yeah, it was actually quite tough, I mean, with the court. There was a couple of balls that I kind of thought they were going way out and end up landing in. So it was kind of frustrating for me.

But overall a great experience to kind of play on the big stage. And, obviously, I like playing on the big stage.

But I think I learned a lot from the match. And I think he was a little bit more experienced than me. He's obviously played on that court a bunch of times.

So it was great exposure for me, and I think I'm going to use the experience to my advantage in the future.

Q. Sorry to dwell on last night, but what did the doctor give you and did it actually work?
CAMERON NORRIE: I'm not really sure what he gave me. He just told me to take it.

And didn't -- last night, my stomach was kind of -- struggled to fall asleep a little bit last night, but I woke up feeling 100%.

But not really sure what I had or anything. He just said, yeah, just keep eating some rice. And I don't really know.

Q. You said you have learned a lot from the experience of being here at Roland Garros. Can you chat to us a bit more about what you've learned and your experience here as a whole?
CAMERON NORRIE: I think just being able to play against the best guys in the world and just have that exposure, and having all the cameras there, and playing on the bigger courts and just playing on clay in general. So I think just those things.

And then a couple of crucial things in the match, like, he obviously played a little bit more aggressive than me in the bigger moments and that managed to get him through it.

So I think if I would have played again, I would probably play a little more aggressive in the bigger moments and hit a little more to his backhand.

So, yeah, it was all learning.

Q. What is your schedule for the next few weeks and what are your goals that you have set yourself for the rest of the year?
CAMERON NORRIE: I think, after this, I'm just going to chill out for a little bit. I've played lots of tournaments. I think I've played, like, five or six weeks in a row. So a little bit of down time heading into the grass.

Really, I just want to keep on enjoying my tennis and not really put too much pressure on myself.

And I'm happy I made the second round of Roland Garros being my first year. So just want to keep the expectations low and just keep enjoying my tennis and keep improving.

Q. When you're away from tennis, are there any particular things that you like to do? And what do you do kind of base-wise in London where I presume you're heading from here.
CAMERON NORRIE: I don't know. I'm not really sure what I'm doing after this, but my downtime, like, listen to music. I like Flume, Odesza. You guys probably don't know any of them.

Yeah, not really sure. I might go to the beach somewhere with my parents. My mate's in Croatia. I might go see him for a couple days. And then just all my energy towards tennis after that because it's going to be hectic over the grass.

Q. I'm working up in the radio office alongside 40 international reporters. One of the reporters from Argentina was doing a live report and accidentally, live on air, called you "Chuck Norris," the 1980s American actor. And I just wondered what you think about being compared to the action hero and if you know too much about him?
CAMERON NORRIE: I know he's pretty famous. And it was actually quite funny. When I went to Argentina for pre-season, they actually thought my name was "Chuck Norris" at the team I played for, the Insegal (phonetic) team.

So it was pretty funny. And, I mean, I guess it's an honor to be compared to him.

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