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June 3, 2018

Alexander Zverev

Paris, France

A. ZVEREV/K. Khachanov

4-6, 7-6, 2-6, 6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. For sure the endurance was one of the key factors for today's win. My question is: Did you know that for some time Karen is losing his endurance and power? Did that give you some more confidence?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: No, I mean, I started playing much better in the fourth and fifth set. Beginning of the fourth I thought, Okay, I can turn this match around, especially when I saved a few break points. You know, went kind of my way a little bit.

Gave me confidence. I don't think we were, you know -- he's a very fit player, so I don't think it's that easy to make him tired. Obviously playing five sets, anyone would get tired a little bit.

Q. Look like you feed off the energy when you go for these matches. What do you learn about yourself in these matches?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: Nothing. I know who I am. It's not about learning anymore. It's about trying to find a way and trying to win. That's what I am able to do in the last few matches, and I'm very happy about that. I'm very happy about being in the quarterfinals here with going the hard way, going the long distance every single time and, you know, showing myself, showing everybody that I can play for as long as I need to.

Q. There is a difference between mental fatigue and physical fatigue. Which are you more concerned about as you go on with this marathon?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: I'm not concerned. Mental, definitely not, because, you know, I'm in the quarterfinals of a Grand Slam. If you're mentally fatigued, then something is wrong with you. Physically, obviously it's not easy to play, you know, back to back to back five-set matches, but I will manage it somehow. I will do everything I can to recover, as I said after the last match.

I will make sure to be ready in two days' time.

Q. Paris is the city of love, but as we both know, love can be complicated and often misunderstood. It can start with a misunderstanding, then some flirting, and then hopefully something wonderful can blossom.
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: Which stage am I with Yorkshire right now? Where am I?

Q. Well, my big question to you is: Are you feeling in love with Roland Garros and is Roland Garros falling in love with you?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: I hope so. I fall in love with your accent more every single day. That's what I'm falling in love with.

Q. Roland Garros is taking you into their hearts, as well.
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: Well, yeah, for sure. But I hope I can win more matches mere. I hope this is not the end here. And obviously I have spent a lot of time on court here. It's always nice to go out on the big stadiums, it's always nice to play there and get another opportunity. In two days' time I will be playing in the quarterfinals here, and I'm happy about that.

Q. Back in November at the ATP Finals, you were critical, self-critical, and you said you choked in one of the matches. A few months on, you're not choking in these big moments. Are you pleased about that progression in your game?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: Yeah, I'm very pleased I'm not choking. Very (smiling). I'm winning a lot of tough matches, and for me, before this tournament, in London I was winning those tough matches, as well. That was basically one match. That's it.

Q. Did the code violation in the fourth set have anything to do with firing you up? Because you went on to break immediately. What did you think of that code violation, as well?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: I thought it was a bit ridiculous, to be honest, because I was on the other side of the court. I was, you know, breathing and looking towards the fans, and I hear, in the back of my head, I hear, you know, Code violation. I thought he did something. I was, like, I turned around. He was, like, it's for me.

Well, I'm on the other side of the court. I don't think my dad or anybody in my box can show me or would say something that I would hear inside that big stadium. So for me it was nonsense.

Q. Did that fire you on?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: No, I don't think so. I think I was -- the momentum was a little bit on my side there already.

Q. Next match you're playing Dominic Thiem who is one of the most resilient and hardest-training players on the tour. Are you expecting to have to dig even deeper than you have done already against him?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: Sure. I'm expecting another five-set match (smiling).

I'll get myself ready for that.

Q. You were emotional today on the court, and especially at the end of the fourth and beginning of the fifth set. You show your emotion a lot. What did you think at that time? Just feel the necessity to show your emotion in front of the public? What was it about?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: It was about me trying to win and me trying to get my energy going and finding a way. You know, sometimes you've got to be emotional. Sometimes you've got to be quiet. Sometimes you've got to get the crowd involved. Sometimes you don't. Today I had to get myself going and the crowd a little bit, so it gets a little louder. You know, I successfully did so.

Q. Rafa Nadal said yesterday it's been very difficult for people to win a Grand Slam because it's been dominated by four or five top players. What do you think it will take for a young player like you to break through and win a Grand Slam?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: Look, I think us young players all are improving quite quickly, and I think we are all trying to get better and trying to change, you know, the top guys a little bit.

You know, I'm top 3 in the world now. I think other young guys are coming up strong. I think in the end we'll be very high soon. Shapovalov is in a good way and other good players. I think with time we will see who can become the next Grand Slam champion, who can become the next world No. 1.

But right now, I mean, Roger and Rafa are dominating, but we are doing everything we can to change that.

Q. How happy and relieved are you to reach for the first time a quarterfinal in Grand Slam?
ALEXANDER ZVEREV: I'm very pissed off about it (smiling). I want to be home right now.

No, I mean, I think you can answer that question yourself. I'm happy. But this is not the end. This is the quarterfinals. It's not Sunday. It is Sunday, but, I mean, like, a week later Sunday, no, not this Sunday, I meant (smiling).

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