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June 10, 2018

Mark Rushbrook

Brooklyn, Michigan

THE MODERATOR: We are now joined by Mark Rushbrook, global director of Ford Performance Motorsports, who accepted the Michigan Heritage Trophy today on behalf of Ford. Seven Fords in the top eight today.
Talk about what that means for you to bring home the win.
MARK RUSHBROOK: Man, it's just unbelievable the start to the season with the wins and success that we're having, come here to our home track with our employees here watching their friends and family. To have this performance and strength across all of our teams, to win the race, it's just tremendous for all the company.
THE MODERATOR: Questions for Mark.

Q. Did you expect this sort of Ford domination going into the season?
MARK RUSHBROOK: Well, we always want to win every race, so that's always the goal. Certainly this I think would exceed what our expectation is.
We're working on all fronts of what it takes to be successful in racing with our teams and giving them the right tools, making sure they have the best engines, aero tools, CFD tools to optimize what they've got. We're just going to keep pushing as hard as we have been and not giving up.

Q. Why do you think this type of track lends itself to one manufacturer being able to dominate the way you did today?
MARK RUSHBROOK: I mean, to be successful with this track, you've got to have strong engines. With the rpm range that they're running, high rpms, having the power up there, but also able to get out of the corners with the speed differential in the corners, and aerodynamics.
That's what we've been working with the teams on. I think it's that combination. If you're not strong in all areas, you're not going to do well at a track like this.

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