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June 10, 2018

Virginia Derby Grimes

Scarsdale, New York

Q. Kristen went 5-0; that's pretty rare in this thing.
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: It's real rare, and she played exceptionally well. She had it going.

Q. Do you just have a feeling -- you wanted to keep putting her out there?
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: Yeah, definitely wanted to keep putting her out there. And all of them were playing well, but yeah, she was playing well and making putts.

Q. What makes her -- she's a gritty player, isn't she?
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: She is, very gritty. I like that. It's good to see. She's going to fight until the bitter end.

Q. Did she know she had clinched it or did you tell her when you gave her that hug on the last green?
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: I don't think she did, but I told her. Yeah, I think I told her, and she did not know.

Q. Obviously you know what it feels like to win this; why are you so excited to be able to share that with them now?
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: Yeah, it's -- you know, the feeling is a great feeling, and of course I've never been on a losing side. Nobody likes to lose. But it's just a really good feeling, and it's good to see them get to experience that winning feeling.

Q. Do you think for Kristen it's doubly sweet given she didn't play two years ago, and to be the one that clinches?
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: Oh, it's got to be special for her. I'm really happy for her.

Q. Was there a moment that stuck out to you this week?
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: The whole week has been phenomenal. I can't say any one moment. There have been so many moments that there's not any one particular moment. It's just been -- the whole week has been fantastic.

Q. Is there a way to kind of generalize the competitive intensity that most of these girls have? They just kind of hammered down the whole week, and that's not easy to do.
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: No, it's not, but these girls have played so much golf through junior golf, college golf, that they're seasoned. They know how to get it done.

Q. Was there anybody that showed the most personality like in the team room, something that we wouldn't have seen?
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: No. They were all -- they just were all -- they just all bonded so well together, just no drama.

Q. Was it like 11 out of 12 pairings were different where you could mix and match --
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: Yeah, we had a lot of mixing and matching early on through practice session and our session in December, strictly so they could play with each other, get to know each other, and form a team, team bonding, and they did.

Q. On paper you guys had the lead; is there anything you did to keep the girls' heads down?
VIRGINIA DERBY GRIMES: Yeah, last night we just talked a little bit, and I just kept talking what I've been talking all week, you know, enjoy the moment and enjoy the walk and be patient on the greens. You've all got the games.

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