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June 10, 2018

Annie Park

Galloway, New Jersey

Q. In this game no one is exempt from going through periods of struggle; you've had your fair share of challenges. You started this year without hardly any status. You win your first LPGA tournament. I can't imagine what this is feeling like for you right now.
ANNIE PARK: I can't really describe it in words. I've been through a lot of struggles, and thank my family for being here. There are so many people that supported me. Without them, I can't be here where I am today, so I thank them so much.

Q. I would say special is an understated word. You're less than 150 miles from where you grew up; almost your entire family and friends are here watching. What did it mean to have them out here?
ANNIE PARK: I mean, they've been great at supporting me ever since I started golf. I mean, I would like to thank all the fans for coming out and supporting me throughout this whole round.

Just so many thanks to everyone.

Q. This round itself was incredible: 63 to win for the first time. Tell me how you were able to do it? What was clicking? Didn't seem like anything was much of a struggle today for you.
ANNIE PARK: I had some tough approach shots, which they ended up better than they ended up, but, I mean, my putting was great. It was just amazing how the putt that I look at goes in. Just a great day. Personally I was trying to break my own personal record of 8-under.

I wish I could birdie the last hole to break that, but there is more golf to play. I can't wait for it.

Q. Were you nervous out there? How did you handle the nerves?
ANNIE PARK: I mean, I was definitely nervous. I mean, if I wasn't, that's a lie. But I kind of got comfortable out there after nine. Just focusing on each shot was the key; staying calm out there.

With all that nerve, I mean, it was such a crazy day.

Q. You made it look easy and fun, and I know you want celebrate with your family. The 2018 ShopRite champ. Has a good ring to it, doesn't it?

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