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June 10, 2018

Sandra Gal

Galloway, New Jersey

Q. This will be your best finish of the year. Talk about what went well for you this week.
SANDRA GAL: You know, actually, I worked hard for the past two months. It doesn't just come suddenly. Started working with Cameron McCormick and we worked hard on my putting and my long game, really everything except for my short game maybe.

It's just kind of been coming. Especially this week I focused on playing a little bit faster, trusting myself a little bit more with my decisions, and don't overanalyze, especially when I it comes to putting. Just trusting my intuition a little bit more.

That worked out really well. To be honest, I've had a lot more joy playing golf. Sometimes we get so serious about it. I just try to really, really enjoy it.

Q. So you talk about being so much work and time went into it.

Q. Having this result, is that kind of like validation?
SANDRA GAL: Yes, absolutely. It is. You know, I've been feeling really good and I've telling everyone, I haven't had the results, but I got to be patient. It's really nice to see that they're there.

Obviously a lot of things come together and I have a great team, but there is a lot that you don't see behind the scenes. Of course you got to put the hours in, but then you got to play like a kid again on the golf course.

Q. Do you know exactly when you started with Cameron?
SANDRA GAL: Yeah, I started working with him in, let's say L.A., L.A. week, yeah.

Q. Got you. What are some of the big things you guys have changed in your game?
SANDRA GAL: Yeah, I've been working on my impact position; having my hands a little bit more in front of the ball; hitting a little cut most of my shots.

And then I switched to left-hand low with my putting.

Q. What's your schedule look like coming up?
SANDRA GAL: I'm going to play a lot the next coming weeks. Going to play everything except for Toledo. So this is my second week on a six-week stretch.

Q. Your biggest takeaway this week?
SANDRA GAL: Biggest takeaway? You know, that I can trust what I'm doing. It's nice to see actual results. Obviously you're playing to be in the moment, but to see results, just trust myself a little bit more every day.

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