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June 10, 2018

Sei Young Kim

Galloway, New Jersey

Q. Can you tell me a little bit about how you ended up with that score?
SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, yesterday after the rain delay I got a little bit of sleep and then feel fresh, more than when I played the 1st hole.

Yeah, I striking the ball really well. I hit the fairway every hole. Even I miss the wrong side, the rough, the escape easier than the last week.

Yeah, and then my putting really well. Yeah, today and yesterday.

Q. So did you take a nap during the rain delay or just rest, like chill out?
SEI YOUNG KIM: Just slept, sleeping like 30 minutes.

Q. Oh, cool.

Q. What did you end on yesterday? What was your last hole?
SEI YOUNG KIM: What did I end the last hole?

Q. So what was the last hole you were able to finish yesterday?
SEI YOUNG KIM: 1st hole, hole 10.

Q. So you started on your 11th hole today, which was 2?

Q. Okay, cool. This is a new tournament course record.
SEI YOUNG KIM: Oh, yeah?

Q. Yeah, minus-10.
SEI YOUNG KIM: What was the course record?

Q. Previously, minus-9, so...
SEI YOUNG KIM: Oh, I happy with that.

Q. Yeah. Have you shot 61 before?
SEI YOUNG KIM: Maybe Singapore. 9-under.

Paul what did I shoot toe Singapore.

PAUL: 10.

Q. So matched that today?
PAUL: I think it's the third or fourth time in your career.

Q. Wow.
SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah. When I shoot like 10-under I feel like really putting well. Because last week I'm really struggling with my putt, so even I make the lot of birdie chance I couldn't take any advantage with that.

So, yeah, it works. I working hard with the putting this week my parents. They teach me how to putting stroke.

Q. Your parents?

Q. Are they here?

Q. Oh, cool.

Q. How often do your parents come out?
SEI YOUNG KIM: My dad most time travel with me, but my mom just couple tournament a year. Yeah.

Very happy to play well during the travel with my mom.

Q. Is this her first tournament of the year?
SEI YOUNG KIM: No, she been visiting tour a couple years.

Q. Okay. This year though?
SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, this year though.

Q. Is this the first one for your mom or no?
SEI YOUNG KIM: No, like third time.

Q. Third time?

Q. Got you. I think you had like five birdies in a row at some point in your round to end your front nine.
SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, I was thinking about it that. Yeah.

Q. So what happened there?
SEI YOUNG KIM: After I miss the really short putt, I had a bogey and I -- oh, I needed some more - I thought - needed some more birdie, and I got booster, stretch six birdie.

I feel like just steady. I didn't do anything exciting. Just calm during the six birdie. Yeah.

After that, yeah, Wow, six birdie.

Q. What was it like last night ending your round and going to sleep knowing you had such a good round going?
SEI YOUNG KIM: Normally I'm setting my goal before the play, but last night I didn't any setting the goal. I just play, yeah, just normal. Just relax. Yeah.

Q. Cool.
SEI YOUNG KIM: Not too much put in the effort, yeah.

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