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June 9, 2018

Olivia Mehaffey

Sophie Lamb

Scarsdale, New York

Q. How do you feel? Great afternoon for you, but the team is in a pretty big hole.
OLIVIA MEHAFFEY: Yeah, we are. You know, we'll all go out and take care of our point, and Sophie and I went out and took care of our point, and there's not much more we could have done except for win this morning, as well. We played really good this afternoon. We played two amazing players, so feels pretty good to get the win right now. Obviously it's a little disappointing how the team has done, but everyone will be I'm sure pumped up tomorrow.

SOPHIE LAMB: Yeah, we just knew we had to focus on ow matches. A little bit disappointed for the team now, but we just did what we could.

Q. How fun is it to be in a match like that where you really pulled off some wonderful shots and putts?
OLIVIA MEHAFFEY: Yeah, I mean, I love games where your opponents are coming at you and the golf is really good. It comes down to those putts, comes down to those moments. It's the reason you practice. I love matches that are high quality, and that was definitely a high-quality match, and it feels really good to pull off the win.

Q. What will your mindset be tomorrow, knowing that you really have to have something special happen to pull it off?
OLIVIA MEHAFFEY: I mean, same again tomorrow. We both go out and try and take care of our point, and hopefully the rest of the girls can play some good golf.

Q. What was it like having that vocal backing on every hole?
OLIVIA MEHAFFEY: Yeah, I told everyone to be so loud before we went out. It really helps, and we had a smile on our face the whole way around knowing that -- our families -- Sophie has 20 family members, so that took care of a lot of it.

Q. 20?
SOPHIE LAMB: Yeah, and they were just screaming walking down the fairway, so that got us really excited, and we wanted to give them something to cheer for.

Q. And what's it like, Olivia, you mentioned you were ready to lead the team. You've done that. Sophie, you've stepped up, as well. What will you say to the girls coming out tomorrow?
OLIVIA MEHAFFEY: Yeah, over lunch I made a real big effort to try and get everyone pumped up, and I was dancing a jig and doing everything I could to really get them ready. Again tomorrow we'll go out, we've got nothing to lose, we've got all guns blazing, and hopefully we can get a couple points on the board.

Q. The greens here, how difficult are they running just now?
SOPHIE LAMB: Yeah, they're difficult. This morning they might have got slightly easier just now. It's like a bit damp so they might get a little slower. But it's so difficult, you really have to be below the hole.

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