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June 9, 2018

Elaine Farquharson-Black

Scarsdale, New York

Q. What's your reaction to the very difficult results today? America seemed to step up in a lot of areas today.
ELAINE FARQUHARSON-BLACK: I thought this morning we didn't have many birdies. We played kind of par golf. But we definitely played better in the morning than we played in the afternoon. The afternoon, the first match, great, Olivia and Sophie played great golf. The second match we were doing all right and then lost kind of five on the spin, and it just got really ragged. You know, we were losing to par, which is disappointing. And then the last match, Paula got off to a bad start, and in foursomes she just lost her confidence, and it was really difficult to get it back. You can't get any momentum, and they were always fighting it. So I think I was disappointed, but we didn't play to our own highest standards, you know, so we didn't really put any pressure on the Americans in the second two matches. You know, if you look at the scoring, the scoring wasn't that great probably for neither side.

Q. And what do you say to the players tonight? The Americans only need a couple of points now to clinch the trophy. What do you say to the players?
ELAINE FARQUHARSON-BLACK: We can still do it. Every single one of them can beat every single one of the Americans, and we've got to believe that, and we've got to go out fighting. We've got to win from the top, and that's -- we'll look at the order with a view to everybody contributing and making that point and taking it right down, and in effect, it could go right down to the last match.

Q. There's obviously six pairs that have never played the Curtis Cup before. What are your thoughts on their performances?
ELAINE FARQUHARSON-BLACK: You know, I think they have -- Olivia and Sophie obviously had, and Alice, have been great leaders. I think the youngsters, I think they've probably had their eyes opened a little bit in terms of just how good the golf is at this level and how good you need to be. In four-ball every hole is a birdie. You've got to expect that somebody is going to get up-and-down, somebody is going to hit it close, and I think that's been -- but I've been really pleased with how they've conducted themselves. They've never given up. And I think we'll have a great time in two years' time, as well, because the maturity they'll have got from playing here will stand them in good stead in Conwy in two years' time.

Q. Do you think the conditions played a part? The greens were running quite fast today.
ELAINE FARQUHARSON-BLACK: Yeah, today the course -- certainly in the morning was very bouncy. You could see that we were going big on a couple of the short holes, which was hard. In the afternoon, probably as it started to get later, you could see some of the kind of putts not getting there. But yeah, it's -- in the afternoon, we just didn't hit enough fairways and hit enough greens, so you're always going to put pressure. It wasn't that we weren't giving ourselves any chances.

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