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June 9, 2018

Celine Herbin

Galloway, New Jersey

Q. You're the leader now. What are your thoughts on leading going into tomorrow?
CELINE HERBIN: Obviously it's a good position to be. I don't really look at the leaderboard so I didn't really know what was going on today. I was just focused on my game.

So I'm glad I'm leader, but still lots of player have to play. Might not be at the end of the day. What counts is the leaderboard tomorrow night.

Q. What was it like to wait three hours to play the last hole?
CELINE HERBIN: It was not the best I guess, but I did pretty good by finishing with a birdie.

No, I just read some news, take a little nap. That's all.

Q. When the siren sounded were you on your way from 17 green to 18 tee, or were you waiting to hit off 18?
CELINE HERBIN: We were on 18 tee almost about to hit the shot. We knew it's going to come, so...

Q. What did you do during the break? Take a nap?
CELINE HERBIN: A little nap and I read the news. I saw that Halep won the French Open. I like a lot tennis. It was women's final. Tomorrow is men's final.

I'm a big, big fan of Rafael Nadal, big inspiration, so I hope he's going to win tomorrow.

Q. So your history, you turned pro relatively late in life.
CELINE HERBIN: I did. It's a long story. I can do short, but, I mean...

Yeah, so I study. I'm a biochemical engineer. I did my study and I work in a company. I quit job at 27. I walk out on my game. I was very far of being a professional at that time.

Finally I succeed in 2012, beginning, to gain my full card on the Ladies European Tour, mainly thanks to my coach, Vicente Ballesteros. We change completely my game during six months before the Q-School.

Since then it's a little improvement every year. So I won on the French Open. Last December almost won the Dubai. So you have to be patient in your career. Everybody has his own time.

Q. Is Vicente Seve's brother?

Q. You still work with him?
CELINE HERBIN: Of course. It's already seven years. He's here.

Q. He's here this week?

Q. Okay, nice. How often does that happen that he's here with you?
CELINE HERBIN: He was there the last couple of weeks. So usually he's coming during the main season. The last two years he came already.

Q. You played 11 events this year and made 5 cuts. What is the secret to your success the first two days?
CELINE HERBIN: There is no secret really. To just keep on working on what I'm doing.

I don't care if you miss 10 cuts if you win the 11. The missed cut doesn't mean too much. What means is the work you do every day to keep on working on your game.

You know it's going to come. Just that you have to wait. Can be like last year. Last year I had the last two weeks of the season was perfect for me and I could be able to keep a clean year.

So never know what's going to come. Just keep on playing.

Q. How patient do you have to be waiting for it to come? I know you're working hard.
CELINE HERBIN: Yeah, but it's part of the job. If you are not patient, if you are in a hurry to have good results, it's better to stop.

Q. You said you were a biochemical engineer?

Q. When you did quit that job, did people look at you like you were...

Q. Crazy, yeah.
CELINE HERBIN: Yeah, yeah, definitely. I mean, it was looking very like a dream to be a professional golfer at 27 when I was not at all in the top player in France.

All my history, I had to stop to play during one year during 24, 25. I had to stop one year playing. A lot of things was making that it was a slow start, but I'm very happy to have done what I've done, all the studies and things like that.

I began golf late, at 15 and a half. Plenty of time.

Q. Having been in this position and won on the LET already, does that make you feel like you've already done this before?
CELINE HERBIN: Yeah, yeah. Definitely maybe my age is a positive thing. Maturity definitely helps me. Of course I won the French Open and that's extra pressure to win the home Open.

Last December in Dubai also. So, yeah, I've been there. I know how to deal with that. Of course I'm going to be nervous tomorrow if I am in the last group. It's part of the game. If you are not, it's very strange.

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