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June 9, 2018

Andrea Lee

Lucy Li

Scarsdale, New York

Q. My goodness, there were a lot of birdies. Did you know going in this was going to require tons of birdies?
LUCY LI: Yeah, four-ball match usually does. And it was funny because we made a lot of birdies on the front nine, and then we came into 13, and Andrea was like, we haven't made birdies in a long time, and then she took it upon herself and made a couple birdies.

ANDREA LEE: Yeah, it was really funny. I knew that they were going to bring out their best and make a lot of putts out there, and they did. They made a lot of clutch putts. Shannon hit it really close on 15, and I knew I had to get up there and give myself a chance to, and I did, and that matched her, and that felt really good. Coming to 16, she hit another really close one in there, and then I stuck it to two feet and made the putt. So it really feels good to come out with a win.

Q. What did you have here and what did you hit in on 18?
ANDREA LEE: I had 140 yards, so I hit a 7 on this one, and I hit 8 on the last.

Q. Andrea, what's the secret to playing well with different partners? You guys have really mixed it up and had a lot of success doing it that way.
ANDREA LEE: Yeah, Lucy and I have only practiced playing together once before today.

LUCY LI: We practiced together, yeah.

ANDREA LEE: We played four-ball together, I think, a couple days ago. But I don't know, it was just -- we had a lot of fun out there, got our handshake down and everything, and we were just laughing and joking and keeping each other really light and positive on the golf course. It was just really fun.

Q. Lucy, you seemed to be very emotional out there. You're fist pumping and carrying on. Do you kind of feel like you're most emotional person on this team?
LUCY LI: No, probably not. I think little I can't and Jennifer get pretty --

ANDREA LEE: Pretty hyped.

LUCY LI: I think it's just more fun if we get hyped up. Otherwise it's just the same.

ANDREA LEE: We want to match the Europeans some other way.

LUCY LI: Exactly.

ANDREA LEE: I was like, I kind of feel like I'm in Europe, so I kind of tried to match them.

Q. Your playing cards, what did you think of those?
ANDREA LEE: I actually didn't see them until today, until just now. They're awesome. They're really cool. Actually they had them in Ireland a couple years ago, too, so to bring them back was really cool.

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