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June 9, 2018

In-Kyung Kim

Galloway, New Jersey

Q. Great job today.

Q. How did the round go?
IN KYUNG KIM: It was interesting round. A lot of fairway actually, greens today. The greens are really pure this morning. I was just rocking past the hole few times.

Luckily I was able to make some eagle on the front. That kind of saved me a little bit. Back nine I feel like green in regulation was really good. Just left couple out there.

But I think we all have same kind of story about the tricky greens. So, yeah, learned a lot.

Q. Talk about your two eagles.
IN KYUNG KIM: Oh, I hit a great tee shot and I was able to go for it for the both time. So I hit a 3-wood. It was about 215, and eagle really just makable on 3, and 9 also was makable. Inside cup break.

Q. And finishing with two birdies must have been nice.
IN KYUNG KIM: Yeah, I hit a lot of good shot coming in. It's tricky to, you know, score right there, but I try not really focus on the result. I think that's why I was able to coming back in the end.

Q. Defending a title, what is that week like?
IN KYUNG KIM: I think it's really neat that I can see my face on the passes. I get to sign on my photos. I think it's really such a treat. You know, that's something we aim to do, and it's really kind of good to come back and the people are so inviting.

So it's been great experience.

Q. How do you feel about where you are on the leaderboard compared to what you might need to do tomorrow?
IN KYUNG KIM: Well, I've done my best up until today. I think there is some good scores out there, so depends on the weather. Today was pretty calm but the wind was blowing opposite.

I think it all depends on the wind and who will be the most patient I guess tomorrow. But also the score.

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