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June 8, 2018

Draymond Green

Klay Thompson

Cleveland, Ohio: Game Four

Warriors - 108, Cavaliers - 85

Q. Can you each address what it's been like playing against LeBron the last four years and how has he made you guys better players when playing a guy of that stature in The Finals each time and how he presses you, how he, you know, he's such a threat, and how it's helped you guys as players?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I think it's, you know, you just really have to understand how great you have to be, because he's always going to give his team a chance. If you mess around, he can win a game, he can win a series.

So, you know, it's very important to kind of always stay on edge. Always try to be great every time we step on the floor and put our best game out there. Super great talent. Obviously, very smart, so it's important to just try to put your best foot out there every time you step on the floor.

Q. Klay, to follow up on that, what did you guys learn about playing against LeBron in 2016 when you guys were up 3-1, and a lot of people thought you had the series, what you saw in him and how has that changed the way you guys have played against him?
KLAY THOMPSON: Well, he literally does everything out there, whether it's play point guard, push the break, rebound, defend, score. So he's probably the hardest guy in the league to game plan for -- not probably, he is. You just learn you can never count him out. These last two years we were able to draw back on our experiences, and, yeah, that's all I've got to say about that.

Q. Draymond, for you, and really for everybody, was there a moment maybe in the Houston series down 3-2 or down at home in Game 6, down on the road in Game 7, was there a moment where any of you guys thought in the heat of everything, hey, the championship may not be attainable or this could end tonight?
DRAYMOND GREEN: No, we know what we're capable of. I thought that was a moment in that Houston series where we thought we would win 4-1. Then Andre got hurt, and no one seemed to talk about that loss, because we had it all figured out. They couldn't stop our Hampton five lineup. It was kind of about to be over. Then Andre went down, and we had to figure that out.

So we knew if we stuck to the game plan and we played our game, that we would win that series. So, yeah.

Q. Draymond, how difficult was this particular playoff run, including the regular season compared to the last three?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Extremely difficult. Not just the playoff run, this entire season. You're coming off a championship and you're expected to get back to that level for Game 1 of 82. Like it's tough. You know, he had time where he missed. Kevin, myself, Klay, Steph, Jordan Bell, like you name it, guys missed time. All the injuries we went through while going through that grind of trying to get back to this position was extremely tough.

However, we pride ourselves on our depth, and at different times in the season, our depth stepped up. You know, even throughout the playoffs, Andre going down, Steph starting the playoffs out, like other guys stepped up, and that's what's important.

Q. Klay, how's that ankle feeling?
KLAY THOMPSON: That don't even matter at this point. I can't really feel it, but that's okay. I've got all summer to get back, and I was not missing the NBA Finals for nothing. We worked too hard to get to this point. Even if I had a broken leg, I was going to play. Oh, probably not, but -- I would have tried to play. The key word "tried," I would have tried to play.

Q. Draymond, I asked you this yesterday, Pusha-T says "when everything's clicking like Golden State," was everything clicking?
DRAYMOND GREEN: It was clicking tonight, champ. It was clicking.

Klay just Googled himself, and it says three-time champion already. That's dope. All right.

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