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June 8, 2018

Celine Hebin

Galloway, New Jersey

Q. How did your round go today? I mean, great finish.
CELINE HERBIN: Yeah, I mean, pretty steady all day. I mean, I putted three time for eagle, so that's a good sign on the Par 5.

I didn't make any of them; two were very close. So it was good play on the par-5s. Very steady. I began well.

Q. Before you went out today, did you look at the morning scores at all to give yourself...
CELINE HERBIN: I never do it.

Q. Never?
CELINE HERBIN: Just focus on my own game. I cannot control how other players are playing. Just you do your best and you see what happened at the end of Sunday.

Q. Great. Are you happy with the round?
CELINE HERBIN: Yeah, I can still feel that there is -- as usual all the golfer, we can always find some way to improve it.

But of course I'm happy how I hit the ball, so this is important. I'm happy how I've been very strong mentally. I committed to all the shots, so that's the key.

Q. Sure. What club in your bag today was key for you?
CELINE HERBIN: Good question. I would say the driver. I hit it in lots of different ways. Here is not a course that needs lots of drive, but I play it very often, but with some adjustments, and I like to do that.

This is something that I been working on it for a long time.

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